HTML Emails Vs Plain Text: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

HTML Emails Vs Plain Text
HTML Emails Vs Plain Text

HTML Emails Vs Plain Text: As an email marketing professional are interested in conversions. You read and retype the message in the order that it has the most significant impact.

However, how you structure the message ultimately determines its effectiveness. Is it better to write your message down or communicate it strategically and in vibrant colour with interesting images and calls to action?

You can use two types of email for your email marketing campaigns: HTML and plain text. In this article, you will learn in detail about HTML Emails Vs Plain Text.

What is an HTML Email?

What is an HTML Email
What is an HTML Email

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a coding language commonly used on websites and pages.

Web developers and designers without a powerful Content Management System (CMS) frequently use HTML.

HTML format can be used to create emails. It includes elements like visual content and catchy Call-to-Action buttons.

HTML emails are a way to make visually appealing messages. HTML emails allow you to add visual elements. This is a great way to grab your recipients’ attention and get them to take up your offers. Also read, Best Email Marketing Software For Real Estate.

HTML emails are also:

  • Allow you to use hosted HTML codes, images and embedded HTML codes.
  • Support for hyperlinks and all HTML attributes
  • Allows you to use HTML tables with different colours, font sizes, styles, etc.

HTML emails with text-heavy (primarily text) messages, minimal formatting and light HTML could sometimes be mistakenly thought plain text. These HTML emails look similar to plain text but are hybrid emails. You can also read What is HTML?

What is a Plain Text Email?

What is a plain text email
What is a plain text email

A plain text email is exactly what its name indicates an email format that consists only of text does not require any formatting and doesn’t contain complex HTML.

Plain text emails do not usually have formatting options like italics or bold. HTML emails don’t include embedded links, images, or other dynamic elements like embedded images.

Although emails with only text may not be as attractive or exciting to readers, they fit a specific purpose.

Plain text emails are a great way to have a one-on-one conversation with your contacts and ensure high deliverability.

Plain text emails are also:

  • Email overheads are lower, and email sizes are reduced.
  • You can reduce the chance of your emails being marked as spam, unwelcome or virus-infected by spam filters. Plain text emails are not able to be infected with malicious HTML code.

Plain text emails are a great choice if you’re sending frequent emails that don’t need styling or visual elements.

All email clients or programs support plain text emails, making them safer to send regular notification-style messages without being flagged spam.

HTML Emails Vs Plain Text; Which Is Better?

Well, it depends. It depends on your audience and industry. Also, the performance of HTML or plaintext emails can vary depending on your email type.


HTML emails work well both for B2C markets and B2B. These emails immediately grab your audience’s attention, display your content effectively, and generate desired clicks. Plain text emails work best for B2B markets. They are especially suitable for niche products.


IT security and financial services businesses should send plain text/hybrid emails as advanced security might flag HTML messages.

HTML emails should be used by tourism, fashion, beauty, and apparel brands. 

HTML emails are necessary for any industry where you must present pictures of your products/services. Prospects make their decision based on the pictures and not the text.

Email types

HTML email can be used for event invitations, newsletters, product promotions, and newsletters. However, plain text/hybrid emails are best for transactional emails such as surveys and thank you messages.

Important Consideration

Although these are some great ideas, it’s a good idea that you test different email types to see which one works best for your brand.

Consider sending the same email message in both formats. Once you have decided which one is better, stick to it. Also read, Best Email Marketing Tools For Affiliate Marketing.


HTML Emails Vs Plain Text; which should I choose? It all depends upon your audience, industry, as well as the type of email you wish to send. Consider following your brand’s recommended email type and testing it yourself to make attractive emails that convert.

We hope you have found the answers to your questions about HTML Emails Vs Plain Text and which is better? You may also want to check out our – Top 8 Email Marketing Software for Ecommerce.