2023 GetResponse Email Marketing Review – All in One Tool

GetResponse Email Marketing Review
GetResponse Email Marketing Review

GetResponse is an email marketing solution or software that works efficiently for multi-faceted business. The features proposed by this software provide ease to all types of businesses and fulfil their marketing needs affordably and effectively.

To know better about this software, let’s discuss the GetResponse email marketing review in detail:

GetResponse Pros and Cons


  • Offers excellent auto-responder options.
  • Comes up with extremely beneficial e-marketing features.
  • Proposes a panel that is extremely easy to use.
  • Introduces a wide selection of third-party integrations.


  • Doesn’t offer 24X7 customer support.
  • Proposed analytics are not overwhelming.
  • Lacks some of the advanced features.

After going through the GetResponse pros and cons, you can see that its positive aspects overpower the negative ones, and ultimately, it proves to be an amazing choice for all who are willing to promote their business online.

GetResponse Price and Plan

If you’re willing to know how much is GetResponse monthly, you should understand that it offers different pricing and plans for different businesses. 

  • The lowest GetResponse price is $15 for a month’s email tier. It enables you to connect up to 1000 subscribers. 
  • For small businesses that feel content with 2500 contacts in the pack, GetResponse offers a monthly plan of $25. 
  • Slightly upgraded GetResponse price reaches up to $49 for a month that offers a plus plan with access to the Auto-Funnel feature.
  • The next plan fruitful as per the GetResponse email marketing review is $99 for a month. It includes 5000 subscribers by adding the unlimited webinars feature. This plan also offers marketing automation, which allows for tracking for emails coming from customers’ sides, such as abandoning a shopping cart. It also comprises sending auto-response emails and availing features of retaining customers, segmenting the audience, and pushing sales.
  • The basic plan offered by GetResponse can be extended to $450 monthly for 100000 contacts.  

GetResponse offers well-balanced and great month-to-month packages. You can choose one of your choices out of the mentioned packages and make your business move on the growth and success stage.

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GetResponse Email Marketing Review Explaining Its Features

  • Offers Salesforce integration for CRM. 

GetResponse offers Salesforce integration for CRM (customer relationship management). Along with the same, it also avails with features to run webinars for collecting leads. This CRM enables an overview of a customizable sales pipeline.

It also allows users to monitor deals and stages for adding notes and reminders to notify other team members.

  • Introduces WordPress Integration

GetResponse offers flawless WordPress integration, through which you can easily create landing pages for your website and then publish the page. With the WordPress integrated landing pages, you can run webinars and promotional pages to generate more conversions.

This way, you can run a well-integrated and efficient website while offering users the best of experiences. In addition to WordPress, GetResponse integrates with the e-com portals like PrestaShop and Magento, so digital data can get imported into GetResponse for users to do advanced segmentation.

  • Streamlines & Automates Campaigns

GetResponse allows marketing departments to streamline and automate email campaigns using open-source software, which is freed from commercial software constraints.

It is also easily customizable, extended, and plugged into other online marketing technology stack elements. This enables marketers to have an easier time finding and choosing commercial solutions that might otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

  • Allows to Run E-Newsletter Campaigns

With this particular product, marketers can manage their e-newsletter campaigns from their website. All the users require to do is install the GetResponse plug-in, and then they can build, design, and customize their newsletters.

They can also upload their newsletters to a common template used as the content for every newsletter sent out. In this way, marketers can save both time and money on the production and distribution of their promotional e-newsletters.

  • Integrates Vital Information into a Central Location

GetResponse allows easy creation of campaigns and monitoring of all the actions taken by subscribers. A well-built CRM program should integrate all the vital information regarding campaigns and subscribers into one central location.

This will allow marketers to easily track all campaign statistics, such as open rates, bounces, and response rates. This also makes it much easier to create reports for managers, developers, and executives.

Besides, using a testing tool can make it even easier to identify problems early on in a campaign, allowing you to make necessary adjustments as quickly as possible.

  • Offers Flawless List Management Solutions

One other major feature of GetResponse is its ability to provide marketers with robust mailing list management solutions. Suppose you have a comprehensive list of customers.

In that case, you’ll be able to fine-tune all your campaigns by modifying their content and setting preferences, which is a tedious task without the help of a complicated database management system.

Mailing list management systems are designed to allow marketers to easily create, maintain, and analyze a reliable, integrated database of subscribers to streamline their marketing solutions and increase ROI.

The best systems also provide marketers with detailed information about subscribers, such as demographics and interests. This will get you into targeting specific groups with the right messages and create campaigns more effectively and precisely.

  • Efficiently Tracks Potential Issues

GetResponse provides an easy solution for tracking potential issues, such as unsubscribes and bounce backs. Most programs include a built-in mechanism for handling these common problems. For example, subscriber opt-in flow programs can be set up to automatically send out messages to subscribers when they reach a specific threshold.

You can even choose to set up landing pages or newsletters to send out a series of relevant emails, which will be sent out to your entire list on a regular schedule. These steps allow you to track both subscriber attrition and overall performance.

  • Helps in Maintaining Trusted Relationships

One last thing that goes hand in hand with GetResponse’s list building is building your relationships. List builders who treat their contacts well and regularly build good relationships will be able to sell to them time again.

Make sure you are always willing to help them out. If you keep them informed about what you are doing with their list and your plans, they will get more than willing to follow along. A good, trusted relationship is one of the most important things you can have with your list – and should be leveraged for massive success.

How Does CRM Through GetResonse Help Businesses?

This email marketing software’s benefit is the availability of an easy-to-use, quick, and effective CRM (customer relationship management) tool. This tool is particularly useful for marketers trying to fine-tune all the aspects of their business processes.


By installing the right CRM software program, marketers can track all the actions taken by their customers (both satisfied and unsatisfied) to ensure better customer service and support. These programs allow the user to create, modify, and update contact lists and set up and organize lead capture pages and follow-ups.

Furthermore, it can handle all the essential functions necessary for creating effective sales and leads campaigns. However, most programs today come with more features and capabilities than ever before.

CRM systems are designed to improve customer service and loyalty. Using email to communicate with customers eliminates many potential customers service issues, such as the “click-through” effect that can occur when someone inserts a link in an email to visit a web page.

GetResponse CRM will provide links to your products or services’ websites wherever possible so that customers have easy access to your products. A comprehensive CRM will also provide easy access to your customer base, allowing you to build relationships with your targeted list over time.

How To Register with GetResposne?

The process to sign up through GetResponse is extremely simple.

  • Firstly, provide your email address & name.
  • Secondly, wait for GetResponse to send you an activation email.
  • Click on the blue button labeled as ‘Activate My Account.’
  • After clicking on the verification link, you can get along with the registration process.
  • After going through the same, you have to provide your contact details to receive a verification code through text to complete two-factor authentication.
  • You can then access the menu options by scrolling the Quick Actions’ tab on the left side of the page.
  • Other options you can utilize are our Newsletter, Form, Landing Pages, Contacts, and using Autoresponder.

Here,s The Top 7 Attributes Included for Email Marketing by GetResponse

Here, we’ll look at what elements does GetResponse include while implementing email marketing strategies and what you can do with them to help you become a successful online marketer.

To understand what elements it includes, you have to understand what email marketing is not. Email marketing is not about building a list or managing a mailing list.

That’s the least important element of email marketing. It is about getting the message to the right person with the right content at the right time with the right opportunity attached.

  1. List Management

When we say list management, we refer to making sure your list of subscribers is up to date and active. It is not an area where you should slack off. You must stay on top of your list management to ensure that new subscribers are added constantly. This is a big part of email marketing, as well.

  1. Meaningful Email Creation

One thing you do not want to do is send emails that have no content. Keep in mind that your email marketing goal is to provide informative, helpful, relevant content in your emails.

If you send out emails filled with just sales messages and “freebie” offers, you’re going to come across as cheap and ineffective – and you won’t gain any long-term trust in your abilities.

  1. Keeping Subscribers Informed

Another important point that GetResponse covers is to keep your subscribers informed. It makes sure that you offer them valuable information in the form of articles, free reports, or books – and send them often. You can easily set up a subscription feed so that you can send out emails at set intervals. This is a huge asset for a long-term list building effort.

  1. Email Marketing Reporting

Another option that many email marketing software companies provide is an email marketing reporting solution. This feature provides reporting functions to help you analyze your email marketing results. Some examples of report functions include view-source, statistics, and custom reports.

  1. Tracking Email Analytics

Tracking email analytics through GetResponse allows you to see how your website’s traffic drives the desired results for your business.

Many businesses try to use search engine optimization or pay per click campaigns to get the most out of their traffic. Still, these efforts often prove to be a waste of money and, in some cases, can even harm the bottom line. 

By utilizing an email marketing service such as GetResponse, you can learn how to use the traffic that you are already getting to your site to help grow your business instead of manipulating the way it functions in the search engines artificially.

  1. Sending Autoresponders

Each email sent through your autoresponder system will provide you with detailed statistics that include the link clicks, domain hits, IP address searches, and more.

By analyzing the information provided, you will see where your site’s traffic is coming from & what keywords they’re utilizing to find your site.

This is valuable information because it can help improve the design of your website, increase the relevancy of your website content, and, most importantly, help gain more sales. 

Tracking your analytics through email marketing software through GetResponse can also allow you to quickly analyze which keywords are being used to optimize your site.

Also, to determine what changes need to be made to enhance your current site to gain more traffic and convert those visitors into customers.

  1. Tracking Transactional Emails

To track and monitor email marketing campaigns, it’s important to have a tracking mechanism in place. GetResponse gives you the ability to select which tracking features are available through an online control panel. 

GetResponse helps you track and monitor every email you send. It also comes with a detailed report function that helps you understand how effective your email marketing efforts are.

And because it is web-based, you can access it from anywhere there is an Internet connection. By using GetResponse, you’ll learn how to manage your marketing campaign and increase your profits effectively.

GetResponse For Businesses

  • Helps You Overpower Your Competitors

This allows you to target any customer who has an email address regardless of age, sex, income level, or location. It doesn’t matter how much competition there is in a given area because if you use GetResponse, you will target anyone interested in what you are selling.

It’s much easier to attract customers to your virtual location than to do so with a billboard or other advertising medium.

Of course, it still takes a little creativity to persuade someone who does not have an email address to buy from you, but with the help of some great email marketing software like GetResponse, you won’t have any problems at all.

  • Allows You to Track Your Performance

Perhaps the biggest reason to invest in GetResponse is that it allows you to track the results you receive easily. This software will allow you to know where your traffic is coming from, how they are getting there, and what pages they view.

You can even witness which keywords are being used for marketing your website and which ones are not working.

This is valuable information for anyone who wants to increase their website traffic and profits. It is also helpful in showing you which areas of your website need more work to be appealing and useful to your customers.

  • Manages All Your Customers & Contacts

With GetResponse, you also can manage all of your customers and contacts. This means that you can easily create new email addresses for customers, change their passwords, and keep your customer lists updated.

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If you send out announcements or other messages through email, you will want to keep track of them so that you can get the most benefit for each contact. You can send out broadcast messages as well, without having to go through the trouble of having a separate email list. 

Summing Up

Email marketing is a powerful tool for expanding your business. If used properly, it can drastically increase conversion rates, reduce operating costs, and increase profitability.

CRM and mailing list automation technologies allow you to take advantage of this powerful marketing method while maintaining a high control level. By taking full advantage of GetResponse features, you can make sure you get the most from your email campaigns.