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Good Names for Blogs
Good Names for Blogs

How to Choose Good Names for Blogs?

If you’ve just created your first blog and are wondering how to choose creative names for blogs, this article will help!

There remain several things to consider when you want to make sure that your blog site has a unique name.

You should also consider the general theme of your blog and what it is about. Once you understand how to choose creative names for blogs, you will be one step closer to achieving success with your blog!

Choosing good names for blogs is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. After all, the name of your blog is what will make it stand out from the other blogs.

But how do you choose one that’s not going to turn off people? How do you make one that people will enjoy reading?

Once you decide to launch your new blog, you will have to find a way to register it on the major search engines and create a unique domain name.

After that, you will have to think about choosing the perfect name for your blog so you can create a good impression with your readers and search engines.

Let’s check out some of the ways to choose Good names for blogs:

  • Understand the Theme of Your Blog

One thing to consider when you want to choose a name for your blog site is the general theme of your blog.

You should think about promoting a particular religion, a specific type of cuisine, or promoting a political party.

Once you understand your blog’s overall theme, you will be able to keep track of some good names for blogs that fit the best.

  • Let the Blog Name Fulfill the Blog’s Purpose

Another aspect to consider is the purpose of your blog. Do you plan to use your blog to promote yourself as an expert in a certain area?

You may also want to use your blog to attract new visitors to your site. In this case, you will probably want to select a name out of catchy names for blogs that reflect what your blog is about.

Think of all of the possibilities and narrow down your options before you make a final decision.

  • Take Inspiration from Others/Competitors

First, let us take inspiration from the beautiful name of a blog by someone successful.

You cannot copy others’ catchy names for blogs, but you can use some of the ideas they used in naming their successful blog.

The name and meaning of the blog are why you should be inspired by it and take inspiration from it. You can even tweak or use a synonymous word for the blog you like the most.

  • Choose a Unique and Well-Fitted Blog Name

When looking for good names for blogs, you will need to choose unique and can be found easily on a Google search.

You will also need to check the domain name for availability and see if another site has already taken the name. Finally, you will want to choose a name that will fit well in your blog description.

  • Make a List of Words Related to Your Niche

There are several different ways that you can do this. One way is to think of a name by using words that are associated with your niche.

For instance, if you are writing about fashion, you might think up words such as “chic” and “retro.” Using these words will help you draw in a specific group of readers.

This is one of the best ways to explore catchy names for blogs. If you’re into cooking, you may intend to call your blog “A Chef’s Blog.”

If you’re into health and fitness, try “Fit Blog.”

Whatever it is that interests you, make sure it is appropriately named so that people will enjoy coming to your creative names for blogs and finding what they’re interested in.

  • Pick a Blog Name That’s Easy to Pronounce

Now you know your niche; you have a name to work with. But does it make your blog sound more professional?

In a word, no. So try to find a name that sounds as if it was designed for a website. Is it easy to spell?

The problem with choosing catchy names for blogs is that these are easier to mispronounce words or type wrong.

If you’re trying to attract visitors, remember that they’ll type in many different words while browsing yours.

Don’t make your blog sound like a foreign language. It should be easy for readers to get the hang of typing it. This way, you don’t have to work so hard on your name to attract people.

  • Opt for a Name as Per Your Target Audience

What kind of traffic does my blog get? If you’re aiming to rank well for a given keyword, you should aim for a high search volume name.

It doesn’t make sense to go to the trouble of choosing a good blog name only to have it turn up that none of your blog posts get any decent search engine results.

You should aim to get as many search engine results pointing to your blog as possible.

The higher the SEO (search engine optimization) efforts you put into your blog, the better chance you have of making it to the first page of results, so choose the best creative names for blogs followed by who your audience will be.

  • Let the Blog Name Reflect Appropriateness

Some bloggers use their blogs to sell products, especially if they have a website through which they do this.

If you get to decide to take this route, you will want to choose creative names for blogs carefully.

The name of your blog should be easy to remember and say to people who might get interested in what you’ve to say.

Another consideration here is that if your blog is for money, you will want to choose blog names that reflect your site.

For instance, if you are offering affiliate products on your blog, you should explore good names for blogs reflecting the same.

  • Let Your Blog Name Befriend Your Readers

When opting for a blog name, the first aspect you need to consider is whether the name is easy to say & spell.

Some individuals have unique names, while others may not sound natural when used in ordinary conversation.

While some individuals are very good at coming up with unique names, others may struggle with the same, so it is essential to brainstorm on several possible names before making a final decision.

  • Keep Some Choices with You to Narrow Down Further

While brainstorming on what to consider while choosing good names for blogs, make sure that you come up with at least three names.

You may want to narrow down these names to two or three so that you can then narrow down your blog topic.

If you need help deciding what to consider while choosing a blog name, you could always consider taking on the role of the blog author yourself and write a blog log on your subject of choice.

In this way, you will be able to come up with an appropriate name for your log.

  • Ensure Keeping Blog Names That Are Easy to Remember

In addition, you may want to explore catchy names for blogs that other people will remember.

If you have a blog/site that offers advice or tips, you will want to choose a blog name that people will recall easily.

When people come across short and easy and creative names for blogs, they can know exactly what the site is about and how to make money.

This will make your blog more interesting, and people will want to visit the site.

  • Opt for a Name That Goes with Your Blog’s Feel

The next thing that you should consider when you want to know how to choose good names for blogs is the overall feel of your blog site.

Does it have an informal and fun nature? Or does it reflect professionalism? This may get to seem self-explanatory, but you would get surprised at how many blogs do not convey the right impression!

  • Ensure the Relevancy of the Blog Name

Once you’ve crossed with a few possible names that you feel could be apt for what to consider while choosing catchy names for blogs, make sure that you give each name some thought.

This means that you should think about what the name conveys and what other people would come to expect if they were to type your blog name into their favorite search engine.

For example, if you were to name your blog “The Best Blogger,” would people come to expect that?

Probably not, but if they were to type the word “blogger” into their search bar and hit the enter key, they might get a blog site with the word “best” in it.

  • Don’t Do Overstuffing of Keywords in Your Blog Name

As you come up with what to consider while choosing a suitable blog name, try not to overuse words that may seem obvious to you.

Overstuffing keywords in your blog names is a very bad idea. In addition, do not overcrowd your blog with too many types of characters.

The search engines have a limit on how many characters a website can contain. If you are too crowded, your blog will probably be overlooked by users looking for a specific type of information or service.

  • Let Your Blog Name Do the Branding

Also, what to consider while choosing a suitable blog name is important because good names for blogs are essential for branding.

Branding is important because people decide what to do about your blog after you have created it.

It is also important because a good blog name helps people remember you and what to expect from your blog.

It is also important because a good name is one of the most important things to consider when creating and developing your blog.

Therefore, always think of a good and unique name that will suit your blog.


The term blog is used as a platform that allows the user to post content and information to their blogs.

A blog is very similar to an article, and as the popularity of these types of sites continues to increase, blogs are starting to shed their traditional meaning and be used today more loosely.

There remain many companies that hire people to manage their blogs and make sure that they deliver the type of content that the company is looking for.

If you’re interested in figuring out how the right blog name can benefit you in engaging the audience, you will want to take a moment to understand how these blogs work.

  • Your Blog Name Delivers What Your Serve

You may get to consider when thinking about how the right blog name can benefit you in engaging your audience is your overall goal with the blog itself.

Some companies will use their blogs to sell their products or even to promote their company.

As such, you may want to consider what type of content you are trying to provide and how you want to promote your business or products.

  • Your Blog Name Conveys Your Readers Your Purpose

You will also intend to keep in head that the way you write on your blog can have an impact.

For example, if you provide highly promotional content, you may not want to use a very casual blog name.

Instead, you will want to choose something specific enough to allow you to capture the attention of your readers, but that does not have to have everything that is cutting edge or overly promotional.

The right blog name is one that you may want to consider changing to avoid losing your audience.


Once you have decided on creative names for blogs, you can register your domain name.

A domain name registration ensures that no other business or individual registers with good names for blogs chosen by you.

The earlier you book your domain name, the more it helps you book the most appropriate name for your business.

You’ll want to think about how relevant your domain name is to the topic you’re trying to promote.

If you choose a domain name related to your blog, people will have a hard time coming up with content to read on your blog.

If you have an established blog, people may already know your URL because they’ve been seeing it all year long.

If you choose a very vague domain name, then it may affect your SEO efforts in the future.

Finally, if you register your domain name through a good platform, you may not opt for seamless solutions and flexible schemes.

So, it turns out to be advisable to opt for a trustworthy domain registration platform. Let’s discuss it further.


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Final Word For Good Names For Blogs:

As you can get to witness from the above list of tips, choosing a good blog name is difficult but not impossible.

You don’t require to be a creative writer or a genius programmer to develop a good name for your blog.

However, you do need to be committed to giving your readers the right information. Choosing good names for blogs makes it easy for your readers to engage with your blog and regularly use great content.

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