Blogging Vs YouTube – Which One Is Better in 2024?

Blogging Vs YouTube
Blogging Vs YouTube

Blogging Vs YouTube – Which One Is Better: These days, people talk a lot about part-time ventures and their role to achieve financial independence within a short time.

People are often recommended to come up with a blog, and give recommendations for a YouTube channel.

Therefore, there is a constant query of which is better – Blogging Vs YouTube; whether one should go for a blog if someone had to start all over again or open a YouTube channel.

Here’s some background from those who either have a blog or YouTube channel or both. The views are completely different for both.

To have a fair understanding of Blogging Vs YouTube, the main focus would be the advantages and disadvantages of blogging and YouTube.

Also, the focus will be on several questions that pop up while considering Blogging Vs YouTube as a part-time engagement.

For those who might be thinking of starting both simultaneously, it is recommended that they start with either one first. Going for both at the same time may not work out well enough.

Blogging Vs YouTube – Which Of The Two Can Help Make Money?

Let’s take a look at blogging first and check the various advantages. And why one should consider going ahead with a blog.

Blogging As a Creative Outlet:

Blogging Vs YouTube
Blogging Vs YouTube

Blogging happens to be a great platform for those who are looking to set up a creative outlet. Some people do not want to face a camera or be part of any film.

For those, blogging is the low-hanging fruit. It is something that people can start with.

Blogging is an economical option and is something that people can call their own. At the same time, it is creative too.

Blogging Ownership:

It is the second important advantage of blogging. People will have full ownership of their blog.

In the case of YouTube (that you will know about later), everything on it is not entirely someone’s own.

Google can easily shut down, or YouTube might decide to pull the cord and put it on a YouTube channel.

Therefore, talking about Blogging Vs YouTube, this is indeed a critical difference. For this, the option of the blog comes with the advantage that the blogger has complete ownership.

Going ahead, this ownership can be exploited to turn things into a business.

It is possible to go ahead and sell the blog at a later stage. There is a market out there where buying and selling blogs take place, which is also called blog flipping.

In some cases, the return is in the form of regular monthly earnings as well.

Blog Monetization:

The third positive aspect of Blogging Vs YouTube is that blogs can be monetized. It is the prime reason why people prefer blogs, and there are different ways to make that happen.

It could either be in the form of sponsorship ads, affiliate income through the sale of services, or products owned by other people.

It is also possible to sell your own product or service, which is the real perk of starting a blog. Over time, things can be managed appropriately for monetizing it.

The best thing is, it’s easy, and step-by-step tutorials can be made available so that people can even do it on their own.

Best Option For Those Who Love Writing:

It hardly matters whether you scored an A or a C grade in English. As long as something is original, there will be people who would be genuinely interested.

There is a possibility that even regular media and publishing houses may send an offer for a business association.

The main point is that whoever loves writing can start a blog. As long as the content is original and interesting, literary prowess won’t matter much. It just needs to get better.

It just needs to be understood what and how people think. Accordingly, the communication or the flow of thoughts needs to improve.

Once that starts happening, there is no other better option than blogging.

Brand Creation:

Another positive aspect of blogging is that it can be converted to a recognized brand. Compared to YouTube, where many channels can become famous, a blog is essentially a site that consists of content.

It can become popular and can also be used as a reference on other sites. After that, the blog will have a lot of future value as more sites start linking up with that blog.

Blogging Disadvantages:

Well, everything is not all good about blogs. There are a few pain points as well.

  • Traffic Generation:

Traffic to any blog needs to be self-generated which is not the case for YouTube. Therefore, a lot of hard work is required to create content that will rank.

Therefore, many competitor research and keyword research need to be done to find the right keywords.

  • Competitiveness:

Blogging is highly competitive. There are millions on the Internet. Unless a blog is niche-specific and authentic, things will not work out well.

  • Ads Are Not Well Paying:

The last negative about Blogging Vs YouTube is that advertisers do not pay so well for blogs as compared to YouTube.

Advantages Of YouTube:

 Blogging Vs YouTube
Blogging Vs YouTube
  • Different Communication:

The first advantage of YouTube is, the style of communication is different. For a blog, attention is required for grammar, emotions, and layers. But, on YouTube, it is all for the presenter.

  • It a lot of fun:

The first positive thing about Blogging Vs YouTube is – the latter is a lot of fun. The process of getting familiar with cameras, videography, etc., can be an experience like never before.

Also, there are a lot of opportunities to learn about various communication skills.

  • Marketing Machine:

YouTube has evolved to become a massive search engine. The algorithm is advanced enough to promote all videos.

Once a video is uploaded, YouTube goes nuts while trying to promote it. It can never happen with a blog that needs to be hosted and promoted by someone.

  • Audience Build-Up:

YouTube is a great option to build up an audience and develop trust. People can get to know a lot since they can see and hear someone.

The emotions and quirkiness are all visible. The viewers can judge the emotions. Even if there is anything fake, the viewer will be able to figure that out immediately.

Overall, it is possible to have a huge impact on people’s lives since it is possible for the target audience to feel and hear the authenticity.

That way, it is possible to make people like and trust a channel.

  • Good Pay:

The second positive of Blogging Vs YouTube is, YouTube pays well. The payment is done through the adverts.

The payment is way higher than what is generated through a blog. Apart from advertising, there are a lot of other ways of making money through YouTube.

It is possible to sell products, or services, as an affiliate. And, it hardly matters whether it is an E-book or an online course.

It is possible to do business through YouTube since people would know, trust, and eventually like a YouTuber.

The probability is high that there would be a sale since people have seen a face on YouTube.

Disadvantages of YouTube:

Just like the positives, there are a lot of negatives of YouTube as well. These are:

  • Time Consuming:

Editing a video to give it that exact look takes time. It takes tons of time. In some cases, it may take up to 12 – 24 or even more to finalize one single video of just a few mins.

The time consumption is higher if someone has just started to learn video editing. However, once things are done, there cannot be anything better than this.

  • No Ownership:

The second negative of Blogging Vs YouTube is, there is no ownership of a YouTube channel. True that people may have their name and pretty pictures on a channel, but ultimately, there is no ownership.

The only thing possible is control over the video. However, that too could disappear since the ownership is not guaranteed.

  • Competitive:

YouTube is competitive but not as competitive as blogging. It can be said that the competition level is about a 10th of blogging.

The main challenge is to put oneself in front of the camera. Despite the competition, there are a lot of things that can be done on YouTube.

The time spent on finalizing a blog can instead be utilized to improve the quality, value, and authenticity of a video, thereby ensuring its consistency.

Therefore, these elements and the element of creating an interesting story make a YouTube stand different from others.

Based on the above, it can be said that there is no clear winner in Blogging Vs YouTube. Blogging has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the same applies to YouTube.

In the case of a blog, the ownership of content is absolute, but not for YouTube. On the other hand, there is a lot of scope on YouTube, including pay.

For deciding which one to choose, two things need to be sorted – personal preference for the platform and which of the two is more fun.

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