SEMrush SEO Tool Review – SEMrush Pros And Cons 2023

SEMrush SEO Tool Review - SEMrush Pros And Cons
SEMrush SEO Tool Review - SEMrush Pros And Cons


With the tremendous growth of online marketing, websites have become a vital tool for sharing information about the establishments. However, the success of any website depends on a variety of factors that are not limited to the nature of the content. It must be remembered that a successful website will rank highly among different search engines, Google, Yahoo, and many others.

To make sure that your website is ranked highly in the search engines it’s important to optimize it. It’s from this that SEMRush, a product that can help you to optimize your website for search engines becomes more important.

Having been created nearly 13 years ago by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov, Semrush boasts a huge customer base of over 6 million, undoubtedly, becoming one of the most popular SEO tools worldwide. It’s important to realize that SEMRush has the power of providing lots of information that can be used to perform various functions.

One, come up with a new webpage that can attract more traffic. Second, you can use information in identifying the available link-building opportunities. Thirdly, inform subscribers how difficult it will be to rank for specific search phrases.

Not to mention that SEMRrush can suggest websites that one need to approach for backlinks. From this, no secret that SEMRush is one thing that you cannot miss if you want to give your website a fresh start. To help you have a deeper understanding of SEMRush, we are going to look at SEMRush SEO tool reviews as well as SEMRush pros and cons.

SEMRush SEO Tool Review 

Domain analysis 

As mentioned earlier, SEMRush is one website optimizing tool that enjoys a massive following across the continent something that’s attributed to its efficiency and reliability. More significantly, the product allows users to perform what’s commonly referred to as SEO audit.

This concept allows users to find out if there are any technical improvements that they can make to better their webpage. For better understanding, it’s important to realize that plenty of SEO projects debut by analyzing basic domain.

This concept helps users in understanding the quality of a domain from the perspective of an SEO expert. The good thing is that with SEMRush, users can perform domain analysis on their website to see areas that need improvement. Similarly, it can enable you to assess the domains of your competitors to see how difficult you can outdo them when it comes to search engines.

In a like manner, it’s advisable to perform domain analysis on a website to see if it’s worth for backlinks. Using SEMRush to carryout domain analysis is as easy as 123 since users are only required to enter a domain URL in a domain overview section.

Metrics provided in SEMRush domain overview section

  • Authoritative scores
  • The number of visitors to the website every month
  • The total number of backlinks
  • The total number of keywords the website ranks for
  • Anchor text commonly used in links to the website
  • Top performing keywords
  • Display advertising statistics
  • Number of competitors

With the above metrics, you’ll be in a position of gaining insight into your domain performance.

Competitive Positioning Map

This is one feature that helps SEMRrush to break everything down based on countries. With a competitive landscape map, users can get to know the specific region that the website is performing incredibly. In simple terms, it’s important to note that SEMRush can enable users to view the performance of their website per country or even worldwide level.

SEMrush Keyword Research

Keyword research is an abroad spectrum when it comes to web optimization since it covers numerous subjects. The SEMRush keyword research feature covers the following areas:

  • Establishing the number of people that are searching for a particular keyword
  • It helps users to establish how difficult it is to rank a particular keyword
  • Identifying the website is already ranking for a given keyword
  • Providing suggestions for other keywords
  • If you want to use this feature, you’ll be required to enter a keyword into Keyword Overview Section where you’ll see the following:
  • The total number of searches per month for that keyword in Search Engines
  • The difficulty of the Keyword
  • Sites that are ranking for the said keyword

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SEMrush Pros and Cons

Here, we are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of using the SEMRush product for optimizing your website.


It’s important to realize that it’s easier to set up link tracking in SEMRush than other sites offering similar services. You’ll only be required to enter your domain name as well as the keyword in the track section and you’ll be ready to go.

The product comes in two versions, including one that’s a premium tool while the other is free. The important thing is that both versions are ideal for beginners. Basically, the free SEMRush keyword research tool comes with both PPC and SEO information that has proved helpful for marketers operating SEO programs.

Not to mention that SEMRush comes up with both the root domain and the URL that can be used to tank your keywords. With SEMRush, users will be served with the matching phrases that form part s of the keyword’s report besides Keyword volume data comes from the Google Keyword API that makes it more reliable. In general, the pros of using SEMRush have been summarized in the following key points.

It gives businesses a competitive advantage

The sole purpose why most marketers go for SEMrush is to have an advantage over their competitors. Since the product has the power of disclosing various data about competitors, including keywords that can boost the search engine ranking.

Provides Strategic Advertising

With SEMrush businesses can establish the best advertising approach that they can use to outrun their competitors. Moreover, it provides insight into how well information can be segmented to enhance marketing campaigns.

Enable businesses to strengthen social media reach

The visibility SEMrush provides a rare opportunity to businesses that want to improve their brands on social media. This is fundamental in improving the audience reach as well as generating more sales leads. In most cases, the cons of SEMRush come with its pricing models that are too expensive for both small and medium-sized businesses.