WordPress Hosting: Is It a Viable Option for E-Commerce? 2024

WordPress Hosting for E-Commerce
WordPress Hosting for E-Commerce

If you are talking about the leading CMS (Content Management System), WordPress tops the table with more than 40% market share. WordPress powers more than 43% of websites worldwide and it is the fastest-growing CMS globally. Famous brands worldwide have created websites on WordPress and hosted them using the best WordPress hosting infrastructure.

Still, many of the users have the query about whether cheap and fastest WordPress Hosting services are the right choice or not. If you are hosting an E-Commerce site built on WordPress, major concerns will be associated with the same.

This blog is the right guide for you to get all the relevant answers.

Is WordPress the Right Choice for Building an E-Commerce Store?

WordPress is the perfect CMS platform to build E-Commerce stores. Earlier, it was only limited to blogging purposes. However, with the changing time, many users have started using this CMS to build online stores and showcase their businesses. WordPress contains media galleries, plugins, themes and other exemplary features for hassle-free store development.

If you want to market your products online, here are some exciting features in WordPress development.

  • Dark Mode
  • Voice Search
  • Custom Design
  • Chat Bots & Live Chat
  • Custom Content Types for Blog Posting

Advantages of WordPress for E-Commerce

1. Offers Plugin Functionality

WordPress offers an excellent advantage in the form of plugins. Thanks to these aspects, users can use additional features without touching a single line of code. WordPress contributes many free E-Commerce-centric plugins.

WooCommerce is one of the best E-Commerce plugins to transform your WordPress site into an online store. You can use WooCommerce to create captivating electronic storefronts, customize product pages, calculate your overall sales, and optimize your pages for search engines.

You should leverage the power of the best free plugins if you are a beginner using WordPress with E-Commerce. Due to their usefulness, these plugins allow you to manage your business smoothly, increase customer interaction, and secure your business & apos, data. However, you can always go for the paid version for premium services.

2. Provides Compelling Themes

Using an easy-to-navigate template is one of the major attributes of a website. After all, your website should be accessible and user-friendly for visitors worldwide. Make your brand's site unique so more customers will attract towards it and they will stay on your website for a longer time.

Ultimately, the bounce rate will reduce. Many plugins and themes are available in WordPress to make a captivating site for users. You can choose a design that meets the specifications for creating an E-Commerce business website from a variety of possibilities. Additionally, you can improve the design of your E-Commerce store by using design tools.

3. A Free and User-Friendly Platform

Installing a ZIP file on your device enables you to create a free account on WordPress.org, an open-source content management system. Using this completely self-hosted software, you can create your own theme, integrate plugins, and add a product catalogue.

Additionally, WordPress is easy to use since no coding is required. In the backend, you can manage payments, and inventory, monitor growth and sales, and manage memberships. Ensure that your customers have an enjoyable shopping experience on the front end.

How Does WordPress Help In Creating A Functional Website?

1. Support from WordPress Experts

Hosting companies usually offer some support, but managed WordPress providers have support teams familiar with WordPress. Not only do they understand it, but they are experts in it as well. Trustworthy web hosting companies offer 24×7 support through live chat, email and phone, and some also provide multilingual support.

They will therefore be able to distinguish between a potential plugin conflict, a challenging theme, and a server-level problem. They'll fully know the settings required for a WordPress site to function at its best. Additionally, they will have trustworthy recommendations if you have any additional WordPress Hosting related queries.

2. Faster Sites and Better Performance

Having managed WordPress hosting means users will get the benefit of the entire server stack. All in all, it ensures excellent performance and gives a boost to your website. This guarantees a profound browsing experience to the users. If your site has better uptime and faster loading, more users will prefer those sites.

There are several advanced cache features involved in the WordPress Hosting plan. It meets specific Hosting needs giving a blazing-fast performance. Managed WordPress hosts know how to properly optimize your servers based on the types of themes and plugins you use.

3. One-Click Staging Sites & Local Environments

You've probably heard the golden rule that you shouldn't edit your production site. You should always make small changes in a staging environment to avoid the white screen of error.

Are you wondering what a WordPress staging area is? It's a copy of your website in a development environment, making it a great place to experiment before pushing changes to production. Even if you don't identify as a developer, it makes a great addition to any site owner's workflow.


Undoubtedly, WordPress hosting is a viable option for users. With 24×7 support, multiple data center choices, high uptime and affordability, MilesWeb is the perfect WordPress Hosting choice. Get the maximum output and yield productive results from your site through their Hosting plans.