2023 Search Google or Type a URL Which One is Best?

Search Google or Type a URL
Search Google or Type a URL

Search Google or Type a URL: There are two popular ways to search online: entering the URL of the website you want to visit in the address bar or typing keywords into the search engine box at the top of the screen.

But which one should you use? With all their differences, it can be challenging to know which one works best, but in this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at both approaches and compare them to find out which one is best – type URL or search on Google?

Search Google or Type a URL

type URL or search on Google
type URL or search on Google

Which one is best? The answer to that question can depend on what you’re searching for. Asking about if it’s better to search Google or type a URL tends to break down into two categories: 

content versus functionality. Because Google Search requires users to input data and serve up information, its functionality can reach that of typing a domain name directly into an address bar in most cases. 

Search engines give you immediate access to information without users knowing the specific syntax. Still, direct typing into an address bar usually provides quicker access and full functionality when trying to reach websites that have already been visited in past browsing sessions (although some search engines are better at saving past URLs than others). 

On top of all that, search engines often provide additional features like image searches and more robust search tools than those offered by basic domain entry. 

So which one is best? Searching Google or typing a URL depends on your needs. If you want quick access to content and don’t care about your previous browsing history, searching Google might be your best bet. 

If you want more control over how you get from point A to point B, typing a URL might be preferable. Either way, both methods can lead to valuable results—it just depends on what kind of results you’re looking for!

Advantages Of Searching Google

The most widely used search engine on Earth, Google is an excellent search option for finding anything you need. For example, if you want to find out more about buying clothes online, type buy clothes online into google. 

You’ll be presented with plenty of useful links and articles on how to do that very thing. It’s pretty simple; type in your question and hit enter. Several results (sometimes thousands) will help answer whatever it was you were trying to find out. 

But…you can also Search Google by Voice! It can make searching even more accessible than ever before! Just tap on Voice Search at the top right corner of any search page, then say what you want to search for.

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You can say things like: Search Google for puppies, Search Google images for cats or Search Google maps for directions. 

Your phone will listen to what you say and instantly search Google with those words included in your query. This makes searching much faster than typing in all those words manually!

Advantages Of Type A URL

Speed is the main advantage of typing URLs manually rather than searching them in the Google search box. 

Whether you’re reading an email with an embedded link, browsing web pages looking for a specific piece of information, or typing your company’s website address into your browser’s address bar to do more research, typing instead of searching can save time and make you more productive. 

It also gives you more control over your search terms, ensuring that your preferred search engine returns only results relevant to your interests. Suppose it saves just a few minutes of your day and makes you feel like you have more control over how and where you get information on demand from various sources at work or school. That alone may be worth it. But there are other advantages as well.

So which one of them works better for you? Search Google or type a URL in the address bar, based on your opinion. And if you are willing to share that experience, please comment below. I would love to hear from you. Also, read – 9 Benefits of having a Google News approved website