2024 Hostinger Web Hosting Review – Is It a Good Option for You?

Hostinger Web Hosting Review
Hostinger Web Hosting Review

Hostinger Web Hosting Review: Hostinger is among the most popular and premier hosting providers readily available today. Founded by CNET, it’s been offering a broad selection of hosting options for at least a decade.

This Lithuania-based firm was set up in the year 2004, and now it has over 29 million users across the world. The business asserts that roughly 15,000 new users subscribe to their services daily.

Owing to the fantastic response and positive feedback received from users, Hostinger must do something to give back to society! Let us figure out why Hostinger has been the trustworthy option for millions of webmasters worldwide.

During our profound investigation, we discovered that Hostinger provides a good lineup of solutions ranging from shared hosting for cloud hosting to VPS hosting.

As customers receive a vast selection of hosting options under one roof, they do not have to go anywhere even when they will need to update their plans. This is one of the major reasons Hostinger has such a huge customer base.

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Is Hostinger Good for WordPress

Like other Hosting providers, Hostinger also provides WordPress hosting, but the difference is Hostinger has dedicated plans for WordPress at the lowest price (refer to image for a quick view of current pricing as of July 2021).

Hostinger Web Hosting Review
Hostinger Web Hosting Review

If you are looking for the answer to “Is Hostinger good for WordPress?”, then it’s a big “YES”. That’s why we have been using our multiple websites on Hostinger Web hosting for 3 years, and all of them are running smoothly without any issues.

Apart from the basic WordPress hosting plan, all the other plans offer multiple advantages. For example, you can host 100+ websites in the plans named “Premium Shared Hosting” and “Business Shared Hosting”.

Also, since all the plans have unlimited bandwidth, you don’t need to worry about traffic handling.

You will get free SSL in all the plans.

Now, let me tell you the step-by-step process of installing WordPress in the Hostinger hosting solution.

How to Install WordPress in Hostinger

Step 1: The very first step is to Buy Hostinger Web Hosting and log in to your hosting HPanel of Hostinger web hosting.

2024 Hostinger Web Hosting Review - Is It a Good Option for You?

Step-2: Once you successfully login to your hosting dashboard, you can see this screen.

2024 Hostinger Web Hosting Review - Is It a Good Option for You?

Step-3: Search for the installer in the dashboard, and you will find the option named Auto Installer:

2024 Hostinger Web Hosting Review - Is It a Good Option for You?

You need to click on Auto Installer, after which you will get an option to install WordPress as well as other platforms, as shown in the image.

2024 Hostinger Web Hosting Review - Is It a Good Option for You?

Step 4: Go ahead and click on the ‘Select’ button below the WordPress option. Next, you will get another popup to fill in the details and configure the space for your website, as shown in the following images.

2024 Hostinger Web Hosting Review - Is It a Good Option for You?

Step-5: Once all the required fields are filled up, you can click on the Install button, and WordPress will start installing your website.

Step-6: During the installation process, you will be prompted to enter your dashboard URL, username, and password, along with database user ID and passwords.

Step-7: Wait till the installation is complete. Once it’s done, you can go ahead and click on your domain. Your website will open up with the default theme.

Step-8: If you find any error, you can check the DNS mapping of the domain and the hosting and try to fix it.

Step-9: In this step, you can use this URL: www.yourdomain.com/wp-login to login to your website dashboard. Once you are successfully logged in, you can set up all the remaining configurations of the site, such as updating the theme or creating a post or page or configuring widgets.

Follow these 9 steps to set up WordPress in Hostinger hosting.

Hostinger Pros and Cons

Hostinger provides a set of incredible features out of the box. On the one hand, it’s best for people looking for an all-around hosting alternative as well as faster running speeds, powerful uptime, innovative security methods, etc.

On the flip side, however, Hostinger could have made the live chat option available for non-registered users too. Also, you may not see a traditional cPanel structure here, mostly because Hostinger has attempted to keep the UX simple.

Let’s discuss the major pros and cons of Hostinger in detail.

Pros of Hostinger Hosting

Great Page Load Time — The speed is vital when delivering high standards of customer experiences. With an average page loading time of 385ms, Hostinger can do the job pretty well. At the same time, the company has servers located in various parts of the world, such as Europe (specifically the UK), the USA, and Asia.

Comparatively Strong Uptime — The hosting provider’s support is commendable as it provides strong uptime for a majority of the time. Although it isn’t perfect considering some downtimes falling to 99.89%, as monitored in September 2018. On the flip side, the typical speed is 99.99 percent, which is great.

Simplicity of Use — Hostinger is highly user-friendly, making the platform ideal for novices. As soon as you’ve logged in, you may notice easy-to-access buttons with all the features and tools in one central place. To put it differently, it is possible to discover all the settings and tools in one place, which makes them easy to access and use. Users may link their accounts to various CMS, for example, Twitter, Joomla, or even Drupal. One simply needs to enter the required information to get started.

Improved Privacy and Security — Free SSL certificates may be inadequate to guarantee 100% electronic security for your internet project. Hostinger appears to comprehend the matter. That is the reason it provides added tools and technologies. For instance, Bitninja is part of each program readily available for users to prevent and check the probability of malware, automatic antivirus strikes, XXSS, and other digital threats.

Money-back guarantee — In the event you aren’t pleased with the services and alternatives offered by the platform, you can always get a complete refund within 30 days. With this money-back guarantee, users can always find Hostinger as a reliable web hosting platform.

Comprehensive Service Team — Hostinger houses a skilled, multilingual customer care team that is ready to solve any issue or query ASAP. It provides an option to choose from live chat, incorporated Intercom attributes, and other tactics to get in touch with the support agents.

Hostinger Hosting Cons

Hostinger is really focused on improving its web hosting services. Its experts make the platform a good value for money web hosting solution. However, you may witness a few downsides, which can be easily solved.

Live Chat Accessibility — Every time you want to contact the client service staff through live chat, you have to log into your hosting account. In other words, you won’t be able to utilize the feature if you’re not a Hostinger client. It might become an essential drawback for prospective clients who still have some concerns prior to enrolling in.

The Lack of cPanel — Do not expect to see a traditional cPanel. Hostinger strives for simplicity at every step. It resulted in some clear drawbacks like the absence of a traditional dashboard. There’s a possibility you might not appreciate their customized control panel.

Unclear Cash Back Policy — Even though they assert or offer a complete refund within 30 days, the money-back coverage isn’t quite as clear as you might expect. It is possible to apply for a refund when utilizing hosting plans, domain transfers, or SSL certificates. If you decide on innovative services, such as domain privacy security means, you shouldn’t depend on cashback for some of those.

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Although Hostinger asserts to be an inexpensive web hosting provider, its pricing policy requires some revision since there are a few hidden charges that are not indicated in the strategy. As an example, you’ll need to cover each domain name even when you are taking the advantage of a Business or Premium program.

Hostinger Plans and Hosting Type

Comparatively, Hostinger shared hosting plans are absolutely reasonably priced. Their shared hosting service begins at $1.39/month, which is extremely reasonable compared to other web hosting services.

Hostinger Shared Hosting

Comparatively, being the cheapest web hosting platform, Hostinger shared hosting plans are priced reasonably. Their shared hosting service begins at $1.39/month and provides 30GB of SSD space, 100GB bandwidth, one Email account, and 2 databases.

With this plan, one can host websites of any size – be it a personal website or an SME website. Also, it is the most suitable for beginners as well as experts due to its user-friendly interface.

Shared Hosting running offers of Hostinger

Hostinger Web Hosting Review
Hostinger Web Hosting Review

Hostinger VPS Hosting (Best for High Speed and Security Purposes)

Hostinger provides a total of 6 plans in VPS hosting for all kinds of users. The price details are given below in this section.

Before that, if you are planning to establish any kind of eCommerce site, Hostinger VPS could be quite a fantastic option for you. With every VPS program, you receive a dedicated IP, Full Root Access, SSD Disk Drives, 100 MB/S Network, and Ipv6 Support. Like shared hosting programs, their VPS support is also quite reasonably priced.

Even the top famous hosting suppliers like Bluehost, A2 Hosting, etc., cannot compete with Hostinger’s competitive pricing.

They’ve 6 pricing models for VPS hosting – you can choose anyone based on your budget and business requirements.

VPS Hosting Price of Hostinger (Check Running Offers)

Hostinger Cloud Hosting

Hostinger’s cloud hosting was designed to provide quick hosting expertise. If you would like to make the most of committed tools without really renting a dedicated server, then you might opt for cloud hosting. It provides you with all the necessary committed tools that would make you feel like you are owning your own server.

The web hosting solution provider states that they have a dedicated staff that would look after the backend of your own server so you can dedicate your time to other core business functions.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Price

Note: Price may vary as multiple offers run on hosting, so we recommend you to check the price (it might have got updated, or some offers might be running at the current moment).

You get 3 strategies under Hostinger’s cloud hosting agency. The basic Startup plan costs $9.99 for a month and also provides 200GB of SSD Storage, unlimited bandwidth, 3GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, plus a free dedicated IP address.

Hostinger also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee deal on its own hosting plans. It means that you are able to try their services without any fear. In the event of displeasure with any plan, you can either opt for alternatives or request a full refund on your fees within 30 days of registration.

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Affordability and a vast selection of hosting solutions aren’t the sole reasons individuals prefer Hostinger over other providers. There is so much more, ranging from quality and reliability to client satisfaction. On various inspection sites, we noticed that individuals also praise their server speed, uptime, and customer care.

Hostinger Web Hosting Review & Performance

Hostinger attempts to increase its functionality and page loading speeds. The platform used to get many downtimes back in 2017 and 2018.

But there are tremendous improvements now as the newest tests demonstrated a page loading time of 385ms, which is nearly 80% greater compared to the provider’s typical speed of 890ms.

As a result, the business made a massive jump forward. In addition, built-in caching tools also led to quicker load time.

The quality of the web host and the performance of the servers matter the most when we evaluate the user experience of any hosting platform. In today’s fast-paced world, having a fast website is essential to keep up with the growing needs of our customers.

Because modern-day consumers are growing more impatient and having so many other options at hand, they simply won’t wait for any particular site to provide the information they need.

Therefore, we need fast-loading web servers with low bounce rates, and Hostinger has taken care of it quite nicely. In terms of performance, we can expect the following from Hostinger –

  • Guarantees a 99.9% uptime
  • Comes with SSD (Solid State Drive) Hardware
  • Has a custom-made cache manager

What’s more, unlike most other hosting providers, Hostinger provides valuable public information about how well its servers are performing from time to time. It includes its uptime data available on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

This server uptime data showcases the amount of time a particular server has been online and fully functional without breakdowns. All businesses want this uptime to be the closest to 100%. Because even if it’s only 0.1% downtime, it would mean around 45 minutes of downtime every month, which hampers the business.

It is possible to readily figure out where a site is hosted and examine its performance all on your own. For this purpose, you’ll be able to use both internal Hostinger tools or third-party providers like Pingdom, which helps developers to test page speeds. Further, you can also use Load Impact to analyze the loading times and the site’s overall performance.

Is Hostinger Support Good or Bad?

Customer service can make or break an internet host.

If your website is down for some reason and you are not able to get in contact with a customer care representative ASAP, you may lose out on a slew of sales.

Hostinger won’t disappoint in this matter. The hosting service provider provides a Multilanguage customer care team (supporting 20+ languages worldwide) and a live chat support. What’s more, they have also incorporated Intercom as their principal support platform, adding to the security and reliability of their customer support service.

However, the live chat option is available only to the users who are logged in to their Hostinger accounts. We are glad that Hostinger delivers 24/7/365 live chat support, managed by a team of experts who are ready to solve all your technical issues without delay. The team can get your website up and running again, no matter how grave the issue is.

But it would have been more convenient if Hostinger provided this online live chat support to everybody. For example, an individual willing to use the hosting services of Hostinger may have certain queries about the features before subscribing to any plan.

A person who is shortlisting the most suitable hosting solution providers for his/her website may need to contact someone via the live chat option to get a few answers on the go. Although there’s no doubt regarding the reliability and the quality of services offered by Hostinger, yet it makes the selection process so much easier.

Therefore, we would have appreciated it if there was a chat option before one gets himself/herself registered to clear a few doubts. We hope it’s made available for everybody soon!

Obtaining the live chat option is quite simple. After logging in to your account, a live chat icon will immediately pop up at the bottom right corner of the webpage. Simply click on that and mention your doubts or queries. Or you can choose from among a set of pre-recorded queries to get quick answers.

If we share our experience, we had to wait for less than one minute to get a chat service agent to join and another moment for the response, which was astounding. Mindaugas answered our questions quickly and with a fantastic use of speech!

Hostinger also includes a massive knowledge base with posts that are brief yet detailed, and you may easily find many useful guides, advice, and answers to various questions.

Hostinger Features At a Glance

If you are planning to get your eCommerce portal started with Hostinger, we assure you that you won’t regret it later. Here are some of the top features the hosting provider is offering –

  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Drag-and-drop website builder
  • Offer a free domain name
  • Gain complete control over your domain name as well as DNS zone
  • Create unlimited subdomains, email accounts, redirects, Cloudflare, parked, and add-on domains
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support in over 20 languages
  • 99% Uptime
  • WordPress Acceleration (LSCWP)
  • Offers enhanced security features like a free SSL certificate and daily automated backups
  • Unlimited disk storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee

Therefore, as we can see, Hostinger promises a powerful uptime of 99.99%, which is a golden standard for any business. Although there are downtimes, Hostinger holds a record of having the best uptime rates, especially because the provider can fix issues right away. After all, the uptime rates are the major criteria that we should consider during our decision-making process.

Next, the provider assures us of providing fast load times, which is extremely crucial in today’s highly competitive markets. With a loading time of 385ms, Hostinger is exceptionally fast compared to many other hosting providers.

Another commendable feature of Hostinger is its automatic backup facility. The provider offers automatic backups on a daily or weekly basis, depending on your plan. Regular backups ensure that your vital data is safe, allowing you to avoid unwanted data loss or having any file corruption.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about losing data in malicious hacking attempts or through accidents, such as broken hard drives and crashes.

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Above all, you are getting strong WordPress support as Hostinger makes it easier to start your website with WordPress. Further, you can optimize your site using a private cache that’s easily available for logged-in users, automatic page caching tools, an SEO-friendly sitemap, and scheduling automatic purges for certain URLs.

The provider’s backend is backed by LSCWP (LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress), which you can use for cache integration as well as management.

Besides, if we look at the costs, the plans are reasonably priced at –

  1. $1.39 per month (for the Single Shared Hosting plan),
  2. $2.59 per month (for the Premium Shared Hosting plan),
  3. $3.99 per month (for the Business Shared Hosting plan).

You can enjoy some incredible features and benefits within your budget, thus making Hostinger one of the best cheap web hosting platforms.

The list of benefits of using Hostinger won’t really end without mentioning the unlimited number of CronJobs it is offering. CronJobs are Linux commands used to schedule tasks that one may execute some time in the future.

With CronJobs, users can create recurring or periodic tasks, such as sending emails, running backups, and so on. By scheduling and automating these tasks, we can save our precious time and even prevent the risks of forgetting to perform these essential tasks.

Earlier, we used to plan our CronJobs, which was a hectic task in itself. We had to prioritize the tasks we wanted to schedule according to the order of importance, mostly due to the limited availability of CronJobs. But with Hostinger’s Premium Plan, you can have unlimited CronJobs, enabling you to focus on other core business areas or even spend a relaxing holiday.

Hostinger Web Hosting Review Final Words

To sum up, Hostinger beats others with its excellent speed, powerful customer support system, ease of use, high data security standards, and unlimited features. Moreover, if we evaluate the analytics of the past few years, the provider’s uptime remains powerful enough to beat industry standards.

The hosting program offers many fascinating perks and benefits as well, such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk storage, automated backups, and so on. The best thing about Hostinger is that it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with its services.

Apart from the unlimited features like unlimited free site builder, resources, free domain registration, bandwidth, email creation, CronJobs, and databases, there’s a bonus perk with Hostinger. You can enjoy a free SSL certificate to provide an added layer of security and an encrypted connection, that too, without any additional costs.

Feel free to reach out to Hostinger’s highly responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly client support team anytime to learn about your expectations and the numerous benefits of the platform.

Hostinger Web Hosting Review FAQs

How Good is Hostinger?

Hostinger is an industry leader with high uptime rates of 99.99% and an exceptionally high page loading time of 385ms. Apart from incredible performance, Hostinger offers unlimited features, including bandwidth, disk storage, email accounts, subdomains, and so on.

Additionally, you can enjoy automated backups and free SSL for an added layer of security. Hostinger also lets you have full control over your domain name and allows you to add multiple subdomains or add-on domains.
Apart from the above, you will get full WordPress support with LSCWP WordPress Acceleration and one-click WordPress installation. What’s more, you can cut down a major portion of your costs in buying a domain, as Hostinger is offering a free domain to help you get started without additional expenses.

Is Hostinger safe and legit?

After testing Hostinger for more than 3 Years, we can safely say that the provider has proved itself to be one of the most reliable and secure hosting service platforms. Its servers have advanced and more enhanced security modules, including Suhosin PHP hardening, mod_security, PHP open_basedir protection, and many more.

Therefore, we can assure you that Hostinger is offering the highest security standards available today. Besides, it also provides you with a free SSL certificate to ensure an encrypted connection while securing your online communications and transactions.

The best thing about Hostinger is that it offers a special disaster recovery feature that helps to restore your account and its data (according to the latest snapshot available) within minutes in cases of unplanned events or accidents. You can expect safe restores using complete and incremental backups.

So, no matter whether you are hosting your 1st or 100th website with Histineger, the provider will always offer safe and reliable services to every user willing to enter or grow in the online marketing world

How is Hostinger so cheap?

Hostinger comes with a great introductory price, which, along with its performance, can set the web hosting provider apart from its rivals. With the Premium Shared Hosting plan starting from as low as $2.59 per month, you can enjoy an unlimited number of features, perfect for personal websites.

Being one of the most affordable web hosting platforms, Hostinger has also taken great care of the performance and quality of services rendered. Even if you wish to try out Hostinger for the first time, you can go ahead with the lowest plan starting at $1.39 per month, wherein you can host a single website.

This plan is great for businesses working with only one website. Yes, you will receive free SSL and WordPress support in this basic Single Shared Hosting plan.

Is Hostinger Good for Blogging?

Yes, absolutely! Hostinger is not only the best option for SME websites but also for personal websites, which include personal blogging sites. Even if you are running tight on your budget, especially in the initial stages of your growth as a blogger or influencer, you can try the Single Shared Hosting plan starting at $1.39/month only.

And due to Hostinger’s fast speeds, it’s easier for you to get started at a low cost without worrying about either performance or bounce rates. Additionally, due to its robust customer support, you can instantly fix issues, enabling you to focus more on your essential blogging tasks.

So, if you want to grow as a successful blogger or wish to enter into the blogging industry, Hostinger is a safe choice. Bloggers will like this platform not only for its high-quality security standards and affordable hosting packages but also for the ample amount of hosting space the platform is providing.

What’s more, it offers strong support for WordPress as well as other CMS platforms, which is a plus point for bloggers, especially if you wish to run a WordPress site for its easy-to-use interface.

Does Hostinger Provide Unlimited Storage?

With Hostinger, you can use as much bandwidth and disk space as offered in the plan you have paid for. And whenever you run out of disk space, you always have the option of attacking a new disk drive to your server to continue enjoying a seamless performance.

If we look at the available storage according to the three different plans, we have –

a) In the Single Shared Hosting plan, you will receive 30GB of SSD storage and 100GB of bandwidth.
b) In the Premium Shared Hosting plan, you will get 100GB SSD Storage and unlimited bandwidth.
c) In the Business Shared Hosting plan, you can enjoy as much as 200GB of SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth.

However, there’s a caution. You cannot use the disk space provided by Hostinger to host or store copyrighted or illegal files, doing which your account may get banned.

Is Hostinger Good For Beginners?

Yes, Hostinger is excellent for beginners, especially because it offers a competitive pricing structure along with high-quality performance and security. Besides, Histinegr is a great choice for technically challenged users due to its user-friendly interface.

Hostinger is extremely easy to use, which is why it is great for novices. Once you have logged in to your Hostinger account, you can find easy-to-access buttons, each loaded with all the features and tools under one roof. You can also discover all the settings and menus easily in one place.

What’s more, you can link your accounts to various CMS, such as Twitter, Joomla, or Drupal. In fact, Hostinger is a strong choice both for newbies and experienced WordPress developers as it provides expert and knowledgeable customer support in the form of training resources, materials, advice, guidance, and so on.

Where are Hostinger servers located?

Hostinger comes with Global Data Centers with its servers deployed across 7 different regions, including the UK, the USA, Brazil, Singapore, Netherlands, Indonesia, and Lithuania.

Using this hosting platform, users can expect the highest reliability and lowest latency as the team deploys in Tier-3 data centers that are connected globally. Many people have the wrong conception of Hostinger having only four data center locations, but now you know that it’s not true.

So, yes, Hostionger has over 7 server locations, which provides a stronger network. Many users believe that Singapore is the best location for Hostinger servers, and therefore, it is expected to produce better results compared to the nearby regions, such as Asia or Japan.

However, Hostinger didn’t disappoint any users, and it received an extremely good response from the nearby regions as well, such as Sydney, Singapore, and Japan.

Does Hostinger give a free SSL certificate?

Yes, Hostinger provides a free SSL certificate with every plan, even if you opt for the entry-level Single Shared Hosting package. In today’s highly vulnerable digital world, we need more secured and well-protected connections both for communications and transactions.

Earlier, this feature was not available, and one had to get an SSL certificate from third-party providers either with or without a fee. Thanks to the Hostinger team for introducing this amazing feature, as it is the need of the hour for most websites. These days, we are vulnerable to a host of malicious attackers who are out there to steal our sensitive data.

To protect the data of both our business as well as our customers, we need an SSL certificate, which Hostinger is providing for free with every hosting plan. After getting this SSL certificate, you can enjoy a secure connection between your site and your valuable customers. It helps to build trust and brand loyalty among your visitors, thus making them feel more secure.

As a result, this means more business for you as your customers will want to buy your products from a secured portal. Moreover, the “s” in “https” can get half your job done by instilling a sense of security and safety amongst your target audience.

How much does it cost to host a website on Hostinger?

The hosting plans start from as low as $1.39/month for the basic Single Shared Hosting plan. Even if you wish to manage your small- to medium-sized business, you can avail the affordable, fully-featured Business Shared Hosting plan at $3.99 per month, which is pretty decent.

However, to get the maximum benefits out of Hostinger, you will need to make long-term commitments. It is only then that you can truly get a good return on your investment. Also, even if you opt for the lowest plan starting at $1.39/month, you will need to sign up for a contract of 48 months.

Additionally, we must also inform you that the rates may go high when you renew a certain plan. However, it won’t be much compared to the quality of services you will receive.

In fact, these are extremely standard rates in today’s competitive web hosting world. Overall, this cheap web hosting platform offers good value for money services for personal websites and SMEs alike! Try Hostinger