Entry Level Digital Marketing Manager Salary & Work Task 2024

Digital Marketing Manager Salary
Digital Marketing Manager Salary

Entry Level Digital Marketing Manager Salary: Do you like to engage yourself in the dynamic field of digital marketing? Although traditional offline marketing has not lost its value, digital marketing has started gaining popularity. Young candidates with marketing skills and persuasive capacity like to go digital to build their careers.

Truly, digital marketing is a profitable career, as lots of companies like to hire online marketers for their businesses. Without a strong presence in the digital world, a company can never prosper. Thus, as a digital marketer, you have a chance to work with both startups and established companies.

However, prospective digital marketers are highly interested in knowing their average salary. Senior-level digital marketers have an opportunity to earn a lucrative amount. But, what is an entry-level digital marketing manager salary & digital marketing specialist’s salary?

Find more information about the earning potentials of juniors and freshers in the digital marketing field.

Although you may be a junior digital marketing professional, you may have diverse skills to promote your website using different channels. While talking about entry-level marketers, it is to be said that digital marketers are of two types.

  • Without experience Some fresh graduates and university degree holders have undergone training to get a digital marketing certificate. However, they have not worked with any company as a digital marketer.
  • With little experience Some candidates have worked with companies for about 1 to 4 years. Although they have skills and qualifications, they are entry-level internet marketers.

Entry-Level Digital Marketing Manager Salary?

Digital marketing manager salary
Digital marketing manager salary

There is no particular answer to this question, as several factors can affect the average salary.

Experience level-

You know that entry-level digital marketers have a few years of experience. However, the experience of only working with a company may not always ensure a very high salary.

To become a high-paid digital marketer, you have to understand the way of working with different digital channels. When you have not diversified your skills and are stuck to one field, you need to increase your salary.

For instance, with SEO knowledge gained over the years, you may become an SEO professional. As an SEO specialist, you may earn up to $68K. On the contrary, the average salary of any digital marketer is about $90K.


The number of digital marketing skills is another factor affecting your salary. In most cases, marketers with email marketing, SMM, and SEM skills earn a higher salary.

Country where you have been employed-

Freelance digital marketers have the opportunity to work from home to serve clients from different countries. Nowadays, some international companies also hire remote workers. Thus, your home country and the location of the company may make a difference in your salary.

For instance, US marketers get higher salaries than marketing professionals in other countries. An internet marketer (in the USA) with 4 to 5-year experience earns about $70K per year. In Berlin, it is almost $50K, and in India, it may be $10K per annum.

In a particular country also, digital marketers find salary differences. Marketers residing in crowded zones earn a higher amount than employees in rural regions.

San Francisco marketers get almost 30% higher salaries compared to Denver marketers.

The average salary of junior digital marketers

On average, entry-level digital marketers earn about $40K per annum. With less than 1-year digital marketing experience, your annual salary may be $40K. Digital marketers with almost 4-year experience earn about $49K. Thus, try to climb up your career ladder to increase your salary.

Lots of startups and small companies look for entry-level internet marketers to work under different titles-

  • Entry-level marketing associate
  • Entry-level digital marketer
  • Junior digital marketer
  • Remote digital marketer

Digital marketing is a vast field, and it comprises everything, including SEO, Social Media Marketing, and content marketing. You may have specializations in one of the areas. Based on your chosen job position, you will find differences in your salary.

Entry-level SEO specialists- Role and salary

Junior SEO specialists have an average annual earning of (payscale) about $51K. However, mid-level marketers have a salary of up to $64K.

To get employed as an SEO professional, you must know about effective SEO techniques. You have no chance of learning skills on the job. However, you will know about advanced techniques while working with others. To earn higher as an entry-level marketer, you should have-

  • On-page, off-page, and technical SEO skills
  • SEO-friendly copywriting skills
  • Reporting and analytical skills
  • HTML and CMS knowledge

Some responsibilities of SEO specialists-

  • Do keyword research and make a list of the best keywords.
  • Manage internal linking, page titles, content promotion, and meta description.
  • Audit the website and SEO campaign.
  • Check SEO campaign performance and make a report.

Content marketing professionals- Role and salary

Entry-level content marketers can earn up to $35K per year. Although the starting salary is low, you may earn $138K every year by increasing your knowledge. With passion and skills in writing, you can work as a content specialist.

Some companies look for candidates with at least a Bachelor’s degree. It is also better to have a content marketing certificate.

You must nurture your writing skills to deliver high-quality content. However, make sure that you have learned the SEO copy-writing technique. Moreover, you need to know the use of different content marketing tools, like SEMRush and Google Search Console.

Role of an entry-level content specialist and content marketer-

  • Conduct research to write the best content
  • Maintain the proper tone and edit the content
  • Adhere to the given deadlines while writing content.
  • Coordinate with other marketers and publish the content

Search Engine Marketing (PPC) specialist

PPC professionals play a role in managing your paid search marketing campaigns on different networks. You may find a job as an entry-level paid search coordinator, paid ads manager, and digital advertising specialist. The entry-level SEM specialist earns $41K per year.

You must know the way of dealing with PPC platforms, including Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads. Moreover, it is essential to acquire keyword research skills tools, like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Your role as a PPC specialist-

  • Perform competitor analysis
  • Find keywords and place them in your ads
  • Check the paid campaign performance
  • Create new ads and manage the published ads
  • Analyze campaign report

Social media manager

Social media management professionals have gained high popularity, as every company needs to have a presence on social platforms. As a professional SMM specialist, you need to work with other digital marketers. You need to publish posts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Entry-Level SMM professionals have an annual salary of about $39K per year. With more than 1-year experience, you will earn $49K per year.

Your roles as a social media manager are-

  • Develop and implement a social media marketing strategy.
  • Define social media marketing KPIs.
  • Manage social media posting
  • Measure the SMM campaign performance
  • Learn about the latest SMM technologies.

It is a smart idea to pursue a digital marketing course and become a successful marketer. The entry-level marketers’ salaries may not be high in some companies. However, as you continue getting engaged in this field, you will find an opportunity of increasing your salary. Moreover, digital marketers have a chance of earning an additional amount by working as bloggers or freelancers.

We hope this article helped you to find the Entry Level Digital Marketing Manager Salary & Work Task. You may also want to check out our guide on How to write your own Digital Marketing Resume.

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