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Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins
Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins: Most WordPress website owners have always been grateful to the platform because of the vast range of intelligent features and plugins they can use to enhance their website operations.

However, if, lately, you are noticing that there has been a sudden deterioration in your site’s performance, then you need to make the most of the Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins. 

Why should you use Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins?

When you use the Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins, you will manage to remove all the traces of Malware from your hacked website without disrupting its performance. However, when you attempt manual cleanups, you might struggle in detecting malicious codes.

When you use an advanced WordPress plugin to cleanse all the Malware from the website, it will detect and remove even the most challenging malicious scripts.

Top 9 WordPress plugins to protect your website from Malware:

To help you make informed decisions, here are some of the recommendations for Malware Scanner Plugins for WordPress.  

  1. MalCare

Even if you are not noticing any suspicious activities on your website as of now, you can run the malware scanner of Malware for free to be on the safest side. If you wish for an instant Malware cleanup of your website, you should check what MalCare offers.

MalCare enables a one-click detection process, and it searches for traces of Malware in every corner of your website. However, during the search process, no files or even the design of your website will be hampered.


  • With the help of early malware detection of Malware, you will be notified about malware attacks before any damage is done.
  • Malware will not burden your WordPress website during the scanning because it has its servers.
  • On average, Malware uses 100 signals to identify complex malware threats.
  • MalCare’s one-step malware cleaner will instantly get into the job of removing all the Malware from your website without keeping you waiting.
  • You can even access the built-in WordPress backups when your website is getting cleaned up.


  • Automatic cleanups of Malware
  • You can avail of unlimited cleanups
  • A plan for multiple WordPress websites is available
  • Super fast and complete malware removal
  1. Sucuri

Sucuri is one of the Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins, and once you try out its features, you will be surely overwhelmed. Sucuri also allows automatic malware removal if you raise a ticket to start the process.

Although the cleanup process might take a while at times, the result will be worth your wait. Besides malware removal, Sucuri also specializes in auditing so you can go for it.


  • Sucuri provides post-hack security options to safeguard your website from future attacks.
  • You will receive security notifications from time to time to remain aware of your website performance.
  • You have the option to harden the security controls of your WordPress website.
  • Security will also monitor blacklist warnings and then initiate removal of them after cleanups.
  • The plugin monitors core files for signs of forced attacks.


  • It can repair files and folders on your website
  • Offers website firewall features
  • Enables file integrity monitoring
  • Monitoring and removal of the blacklist.
  1. Wordfence

Wordfence is another famous Malware Scanner Plugins for WordPress, and once you install the plugin on your website, it will start scanning for Malware. If you have limited funds, then you can go for the free version of this plugin which offers a host of impressive features like a malware scanner, threat assessment, etc.

Although the automatic scanning feature will scan your website regularly, you can also launch the full scan for a more detailed assessment. After the scan, the plugin will notify you about the results and alert you about any malware attacks.


  • The free version is complete with extensive features and will cater to the security needs of your WordPress website.
  • You will receive weekly reports consisting of important scanning metrics via your email.
  • If you sign up for the advanced plans, you will get a custom login URL option.
  • Wordfence enables the reCAPTCHA facility for WordPress registration, login, etc.
  • It will protect your website from brute force attacks by restricting failed login attempts.


  • You can customize the email alerts
  • You can monitor hack attempts in real-time
  • Alerts you about malware attacks instantly
  • You can monitor multiple sites from a dashboard in the advanced version.
  1. BulletProof Security

Do you know that BulletProof Security is one of the oldest but Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins? Even though BulletProof Security has been a cherished member of the security plugins for a while now, it still offers attractive features to its primary and premium users.

After installing the plugin, you will come across the malware scanner to detect traces of Malware across specific files and directories.


  • BulletProof Security offers you a 30day money-back guarantee if you opt for the premium plan.
  • The plugin will monitor your login activities and then increase the security features if necessary.
  • The setup wizard of the plugin will make the installation process more manageable.
  • You can even find anti-spam and anti-hacking tools to secure your website from future attacks
  • Developers even have the option of backing up databases when the Malware is being removed.


  • You can avail the maintenance mode
  • In-built malware scanner
  • Setup wizard
  • Anti-exploit guard
  1. Cerber Security & Protection

If you want to install a WordPress plugin to monitor suspicious activities on your website and protect it from hackers, then you can consider installing Cerber Security. You will get a highly efficient malware scanner to detect malicious codes and then remove them.


  • The plugin will monitor any recent file changes and alert you.
  • You can choose between full scan and quick scan to let the plugin check across all types of files.
  • You will receive a routine security report consisting of all the details of the scans
  • It can even detect spam comments automatically and notify you.
  • You can even create a custom login URL


  • It will whitelist and blacklist IP addresses.
  • Restrict login attempts
  • Offer protection against Dos attacks
  • Does not allow automatic redirection to the login page.
  1. iThemes Security Pro

Previously known as Better WP Security, iThemes Security is another superb way to protect your website because it offers you a total of nearly 30 features. For starters, it can detect weak passwords and obsolete software plugins on your website.


  • If any of your files get messed up, the plugin will notify you instantly.
  • You will receive the two-factor authentication feature for enhanced security.
  • The plugin will also run plugin scans to look for 404 errors.
  • It restricts access to any suspicious IP addresses.
  • The plugin checks for recent file changes and then sends email alerts to alert you.


  • Enforce you to set strong passwords.
  • The Away mode helps you lock your account.
  • It updates your WordPress account’s secret keys automatically.
  • Offers protection from brute force attacks.
  1. VaultPress

VaultPress enjoys similar attention to that of other Malware Scanner Plugins for WordPress like Sucuri and iThemes security. The plans are pretty affordable, and thus, they will be ideal for small businesses and bloggers.


  • You can set daily and real-time backups and specify when you want to complete them.
  • Users can even restore all the files after the backup is done successfully.
  • The plugin will search every nook and corner of your website for malware attacks.
  • With the help of the dashboard, you can manage the entire security activity.
  • The experts are a click away to help you with backups and website restoration.


  • All the plans are economical
  • The dashboard is user-friendly
  • Real-time backups
  • A view of the history of the threat.
  1. Defender Pro

If you don’t have any technical expertise, Defender Pro is one of the Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins for your website. You would receive a ton of practical features that are super easy to use and safeguard your website from potential threats.


  • You can start by running free scans to detect any malware attacks.
  • The plugin even enables you to restore your website instantly.
  • Defender Pro will block all the IP addresses that it finds suspicious
  • You can even avail the login masking features for extra security
  • The Pro version offers cloud storage of 10Gb for backups.


  • 2-step verification of Google
  • You can run unlimited scans
  • IP lockout alerts
  • WordPress files repair.
  1. Titan Anti-spam & Security

Last but one of the most effective Malware Scanner Plugins for WordPress to feature on this list is the Titan Anti-spam plugin. The intuitive UI will guide you through the installation and configuration process.


  • The plugin will scan your site for Malware and offer recommendations.
  • The firewall will limit repetitive login attempts to block hackers
  • The scanner is super fast and offers you a quick fix
  • You can even get 1000 signatures even if you opt for the basic plan
  • It will blacklist suspicious IP addresses in real time.


  • Can detect malicious codes in WordPress themes
  • Offers premium support
  • The plugin is super easy to use
  • Provides you defense recommendations.

With the help of these 9 Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins, you can protect your site from malware attacks and delete all malicious codes from it without disrupting the functioning of your website. Follow us on Instagram