What Is Google Finance | How To Use It And Pros And Cons 2023

What Is Google Finance
What Is Google Finance

What Is Google Finance: Google Finance has evolved into one of the most powerful financial tools on the web, with features like transaction data, earnings estimates, analyst ratings, real-time stock quotes, etc. While Google Finance provides great financial information, it’s important to understand how to use this information to make informed investment decisions. 

What Is Google Finance and How Do You Use Google Finance?

What Is Google Finance | How To Use It And Pros And Cons 2023

There are several different ways you can use Google Finance. You can track stocks, commodities, currencies and even funds. Once you log into your account, click on Get Started. Once you’re on that page, you can choose whether or not you want newsfeed updates, trading alerts, stock alerts or all of them.

If there’s particular security you want to monitor — for example, Apple (AAPL) — simply type in that company’s ticker symbol into the Company Name search box. To track a sector or industry, such as biotechs (BBH), enter Biotechs in the same search box.

What Can Google Finance Do?

Google Finance can give you a lot of information, but it’s up to you how far you want to go. Some important elements include: Google can tell you if a stock’s price has been trending up or down, whether there have been significant increases or decreases in volume and what that means for short-term trend moves, how big individual orders were, whether an uptick was caused by an increase in buyers or sellers, which stocks are moving most quickly relative to their prior movement within a given period (such as five minutes) and much more.

Get Started With Google Finance.

If you have a Google account, it’s easy to get started with google finance. Just sign in to your account and follow these steps: 

Step 1: Click on E-mail & Calendars from your dashboard. You should be in Settings. 

Step 2: In settings, you should see Apps with accounts.

Step 3:

  • Click on Add an app with an account.
  • Enter google finance under the type of app.
  • Hit Next.

A few minutes later, you’ll see a summary of how much time you’ve spent using each app.

Google Finance Review

Many people have heard of Google Finance (just googling Google Finance isn’t a bad way to find articles on it). But when you look at it in action, you may wonder: What exactly is it? In short, it’s a tool created by Google that allows users to research stock market trends, specific companies, commodities, etc.

If any numbers are attached to an investment (stocks or otherwise), Google Finance can most likely show you that information. You can also use popular websites like Yahoo! Finance as an alternative.

Does Google Finance Have An App?

Currently, Google Finance does not have an app, but you can access it through your web browser. On your desktop computer, type google finance into your search bar on Google or Chrome, and you’ll be taken directly to Google Finance.

When logged in with a Google account, you can manage your stock portfolios with ease, allowing you to keep track of all of your investments at one time. You can also view news that affects companies you own stock in and look up information on financial reports by company.


One benefit of using Google Finance is that it’s simple, and you can easily learn how to use it—and, once you do, you’ll enjoy easy access to daily stock updates for any company you’re interested in tracking. Additionally, viewing key financial information—things like a company’s P/E ratio or income statement—is a snap-on Finance.


The main drawback of using Google Finance for most investors is that it isn’t customizable. Unless you have an advanced degree in finance, you might find that many of your favorite investments aren’t included on their site.

Final Words

When it comes to financing, we all need a little help. Thank you google, and there are tools like Google Finance to assist us in our financial literacy efforts. 

Whether you’re just getting started with your investments or looking for guidance on making them more effective, it’s time to go global. Like any tool, use it at your own risk and always check on the information before acting on it!

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