2023 How to Remove Copied Content from Your Blogs?

Remove Copied Content from Your Blogs
Remove Copied Content from Your Blogs

How to Remove Copied Content from Your Blogs?: People only read a blog if they believe it’ll be helpful to add value to their queries which ultimately draws more traffic to a site and develops better user engagement. These engagement elements depend on content quality, based on its uniqueness level.

Search engines appreciate unique content. In contrast, copied content gets penalized, which is why web admins must deal with such material to avoid penalization. The best way to deal with copied content is by paraphrasing it to make it look unique.

But paraphrasing requires attention to reading and writing, a skill set that professional writers mainly acquire. However, we have brought you a solution to deal with plagiarized content.

In this article, we will provide insightful information on removing copied content from your blogs. We will share useful methods to detect and remove copied content by following a few easy steps.

Why Do You Need to Remove Copied Content from Your Blogs?

The main question among the blogging community is why it is so important to remove copied content? What if someone has written in the same niche?

For bloggers, falling in for plagiarized content is no surprise if they’re writing about something that has already been published.

Search engines like Google have a strict policy against copied content, which states that if your blog post is plagiarized to a specific ratio, it will not be featured in SERPs.

This scenario only occurs if you have copied information from a ranking website and featured it in your blogging content. It is a direct violation of webmaster rights if you publish someone else’s content on your webpage.

Removing Copied Content from Your Blogs

Removing copied content from your blog post follows a proper step-by-step approach mentioned below.

  • Detect Plagiarism before Publishing

No matter how confident you are about your writing style, checking plagiarism before posting your content online is recommended.

In the guidelines mentioned below, Google has strictly stated that it will take down such pages that feature copied content on their platforms.

Remove Copied Content from Your Blogs

Google may impose a temporary or permanent penalty on a domain for posting content online. This may seem even more troublesome if the copied content is copyright protected.

Before publishing, running your content through a plagiarism checker free is vital to identify the copied content from your blog post.

An online plagiarism checker provides a detailed report highlighting the copied sections and their matched sources.

Using this information from the report, you can remove those specific copied sections from your blogs by following techniques that will be discussed further.

  • Paraphrase to Remove Copied Content

Paraphrasing is the best way to deal with copied content. Once you have identified the copied content from a plagiarism checker, you can further visit the sources or search for the same information from other platforms.

Perform in-depth research from various sources and paraphrase the compiled information to write it in your own unique words.

Paraphrasing allows you to adapt a unique writing style. In this technique, you have to choose synonyms for specific words that don’t seem generic.

When you develop a writing style by featuring your own words and phrases, it appears to be unique from the content featured on another online source.

Paraphrasing is a vital writing technique that every writer should know. It requires extensive vocabulary knowledge and good research skills to find relevant content. You can also mention credits to an author if you have paraphrased to restate an idea or quotation.

Using an Online Tool to Remove Copied Content

If you don’t know how to paraphrase correctly, you might copy content directly from an online source, which is against the publishing guidelines of search engines.

Therefore, it’s wise to take assistance from a paraphraser to properly remove copied content from your blog post by following these easy steps.

Remove Copied Content from Your Blogs

  1. Paste the content in the input field or upload the file containing copied content.
  2. Select a rephrasing style from the control panel to make copied content unique.
  3. Select a language similar to your written content from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click “Paraphrase” to make the copied content unique.
  5. Within a few seconds, paraphrased content will appear in the output text. You can directly copy or choose to download the paraphrased text in a text file.

Online paraphrasing tools are powered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, extending their vocabulary to a much more extensive range than the human level.

These tools ensure to eliminate of copied content from your blogs by reproducing a unique version of such writing.

Beginners writers who are not familiar with paraphrasing techniques, they can practice constantly improving their writing skills with the help of these tools.

Consequences of Posting Copied Content

We have already discussed that search engines won’t feature your blog in SERPs if it contains a lot of copied content. But here are a few more troublesome factors that you probably didn’t know about copied blogging content.

  • It will ruin your SEO efforts as your blog post will not be featured in search engine result pages. All your efforts on paid linking and brand promotion will be unsuccessful if your content is not original.
  • Copying content from another website may land you in trouble for copyright infringement. It means that if you have stolen copyright-protected content, you may face a hefty fine or jail time for it, depending on the terms of the copyright statement.
  • Posting content similar to other websites will increase the bounce rate on your web pages. The audience will visit, but they will leave the webpage if they find copied content as they have already read about it. Such activity can affect the reputation and dwell time of your blog.


In this article on removing copied content from your blogs, we guided you to write unique content with two easy methods. We also discussed why it is essential to identify copied content and how you can highlight it from your blog.

Moreover, we discussed the consequences of posting copied content to increase the importance of checking duplication before featuring content on your blog. We hope this article was informative to guide you in producing quality content.