Grammarly introduces a ChatGPT style AI tool for writing and editing

Grammarly introduces a ChatGPT style AI tool for writing and editing
Grammarly introduces a ChatGPT style AI tool for writing and editing

Grammarly, the popular spelling and grammar checker, is throwing its hat into the ring of generative AI.

GrammarlyGO, a new application that uses ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence model to produce text, was revealed by the communication support business on Thursday.
Within their applications, users may write articles, write and reply to emails, edit writing for tone, clarity, and length, and ideate concepts or outlines for projects using GrammarlyGO.
GrammarlyGO, according to the release, uses “personal, organizational, and situational context” to personalize suggestions to your writing style and conversation.

Grammarly has been using AI to evaluate spelling and grammar and propose communication improvements for over 14 years. However, it is now joining the conversational AI bandwagon.
Since the current version of ChatGPT was released in November, the AI software has captivated the internet with its profound intelligence and ability to converse with humans rapidly and in a conversational manner.

Apart from the novelty, ChatGPT’s success has shown that AI may be a powerful, if contentious, tool to produce text, summarize facts, and (sometimes incorrectly) instruct people.

Businesses are flowing to integrate chatbot technology into their goods and services. Snapchat, Instacart, Slack, and now Grammarly have all announced applications that leverage ChatGPT in some capacity since OpenAI introduced a ChatGPT API for third-party developers.
GrammarlyGO is linked with Grammarly’s current tools, which are then integrated into programs like Microsoft Word and Slack, online apps like Gmail, and the Chrome browser extension. GrammarlyGO isn’t only for premium members. In specific markets, the free version is also accessible.

That means GrammarlyGO will be there to help you anywhere you go to write something, whether it’s an email or a Google doc. Similar to a more complex Clippy.
GrammarlyGO is active by default for individual users but may be turned off in settings. GrammarlyGO will be available in the beta beginning in April 2023.