7 Best Payroll Services For Small Business (2023)

Best Payroll Services For Small Business
Best Payroll Services For Small Business

Are you doubtful about the Best Payroll Services For Small Business? We provide you with options using our list of the Best Payroll Services For Small Business that are excellent for small-sized businesses.

As a business owner in a small company, One of the most important jobs you’ll have to complete is to pay your employees. Payroll can be an overwhelming task, particularly for new business owners who might be paying their employees for the first time and are trying to figure out the payroll process.

Here are a few things you’ll have to ensure you are paying employees:

  • Employers can be set up as salaried or hourly
  • Select the pay frequency as either weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, or monthly
  • Record employee hours
  • Track employee benefits
  • Make timely tax payments

The most common reason businesses turn to companies that offer payroll services is the need to make sure they are paying the correct amount of payroll taxes, collected correctly, and filled in accurately and on time, and that taxes are remitted to the relevant agency on time.

However, payroll services perform a range of other tasks as well. They allow your employees to receive their salaries via direct deposit. They also track personal data like beginning dates, termination dates, and hourly and salaried pay amounts. 

In many cases, they are integrated with accounting software to allow better management of costs for payroll.

The bottom line is that there is no reason why you should not make use of the services of a payroll provider.

What Is Payroll?

Best Payroll Services For Small Business
Best Payroll Services For Small Business

Payroll refers to the total payment a company pays employees for their work. Payroll is also the method of calculating employees’ net pay and establishing payment to them. No matter if you have one employee and 100 employees, your company will have to process payroll to make the correct payment and ensure that accurate documents are maintained.

Here are the Best Payroll Services For Small Business:

#1 – OnPay

7 Best Payroll Services For Small Business (2023)

OnPay is the most popular option for Best Payroll Services For Small Business. Although it was designed specifically for small businesses, OnPay can scale up quickly to fit mid-sized businesses.

With easy-to-use system navigation, OnPay offers industry-specific features for restaurants and other companies that have to pay tips for employees.

OnPay’s plans also include endless payroll runs, full mobile access on all devices, direct deposits, multistate payroll capabilities, and self-service and employee onboarding capabilities.

A separate mobile app is not required as the app is built to run across any platform. The application can pay employees and contractors by generating 1099s and W-2s at the end of each year.

In addition, to complete Payroll Processing, OnPay also provides comprehensive HR services, such as employee offers letters, PTO-approved letters, and compliance tools. Various template templates for HR are used in a variety of designs.

OnPay offers excellent integration options with various third-party accounting and timesheet/timekeeping applications, and the American Payroll Association trains its support team.

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OnPay provides a single plan and pricing for the current plan of $36/month. There is also a fee of $4 per employee. All features, including HR and full support options, come with a cost.

#2 – Paychex

7 Best Payroll Services For Small Business (2023)

Paychex is a fully-featured payroll service that helps process payroll and tax obligations. It has a flexible payroll schedule that includes biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, and biweekly options.

Paychex can also handle any employee, including part-time W-2 workers, 1099 contractors, and freelancers.

Paychex also provides various payment options, including direct deposits, paper checks, and debit cards for prepaid cards. Every payment method you use with Paychex can be customized to keep your business recognized by any of the suppliers or other entities you are paying.

Paychex is hosted on the cloud solution, which is available online. Using the Paychex mobile app to control your salary from your iOS and Android device is also possible. 

Paychex is as simple as entering your payroll data (such as wages, hours worked, hours worked, and the pay rate) and then submitting your pay stub to be processed. 

Paychex also provides employee self-service that allows employees to access the system and view their pay stubs and tax records for the year.

Paychex recently revealed a newly-released feature called Paychex Pre-Check. It allows employees to review their pay slips before the date of payday. 

Employees are informed via the preferred method of communication, for example, smartwatch, email, or smartphone, once their paystub is available for review. 

This helps ensure that all information is correct before the checks are distributed.

Paychex recently added a new labor cost tool to its Paychex Flex platform. This tool allows users to get an instant and immediate analysis of their total cost of payroll. 

Additionally, business owners and financial managers can understand how future increases or overtime can affect overall expenses for the workforce.

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For those seeking to keep top employees, Paychex also provides a comprehensive pay overview for employees. Apart from their pay in their paycheck, this report also outlines the total compensation they receive.

This could include health insurance benefits, retirement contributions, bonuses, and other benefits. The report gives employees an accurate picture of the amount they receive from their employers.

Paychex recently introduced an onboarding service that self-service allows new employees to select the payroll settings they want to use quickly. 

Through the Paychex platform, new employees can register directly for direct deposit. They can also submit the W-4 form and digitally complete any necessary tax and bank selections.

It is also possible to monitor the vaccinations of employees. Paychex’s platform also allows employers to monitor the status of their vaccinations Employers. 

This could be particularly useful since it is reported that the U.S. is in talks with larger companies to have their employees vaccine-free. The Flex platform allows employees to receive messages informing them to upload evidence of vaccination. 

Additionally, employees who are not vaccinated can submit COVID-19 results. Tests.

Paychex provides a variety of pricing plans that work for companies of different sizes and requirements. The pricing for each plan depends on your business’s specific requirements.

  • Go It is the most straightforward, low-cost plan Paychex provides. It offers payroll processing, tax preparation, time and attendance tracking, and onboarding of new employees.
  • Flex Select: The Flex Select plan extends the benefits offered by the plan, providing access to a dedicated payroll expert who will advise your company on payroll issues. It also offers screening for employees before their start, onboarding assistance, wage garnishment services, posters on labor compliance, and the option of paying employees via check-in paper.
  • Flex Enterprise: Flex Enterprise adds custom analytics, reports, and HR management tools to the bundle. It’s designed to work with larger companies with extensive HR departments. It gives you the most accurate control of all aspects of your HR department’s administration. It allows larger companies to control recruitment, hiring, onboarding benefits, compensation, and offboarding on payroll’s HR software.

#3 – Gusto

7 Best Payroll Services For Small Business (2023)

Gusto manages the payroll and payroll tax responsibilities for employees on W-2 and 1099 contractors and freelancers. Gusto’s cloud-based system is simple to use. 

It has various valuable options, such as direct payment, an autopilot feature for new hire reporting, and comprehensive payroll reports.

One of the most notable features of this service is the vast range of HR tools, which is included in some of the plans that are more expensive. This includes access to HR specialists who can offer guidance and assist you with many HR-related issues.

Gusto provides four plans of service, which vary between $40 and $80 per month and include an employee of $6-12 per month.

  • Basic: This is the cost-effective Gusto plan with a base cost of $40 per month and $6/employee. The cost of the base plan increases to $39 within six months of signing up. This plan offers payroll processing and an employee portal. It also includes health benefits and the administration of workers’ compensation, as well as management software for pay leave (PTO).
  • Plus, This plan is $80 per month and an additional $12 per employee per month. It expands on the Core plan, including a new-hire offering and onboarding features, comprehensive PTO management, and survey directories for employees and employees.
  • Premium: The pricing for Premium depends on each company’s specific needs. It expands on the Plus Plus plan by offering HR on-demand services (i.e., HR expert assistance on request). Additionally, it comes with the support of a dedicated team dedicated to your account and familiar with the business you run.
  • Contractors: Gusto also offers an exclusive contractor plan for employers dealing with freelancers or independent contractors. The plan is free of charge for base fees; it costs contractors $6 per month. You can pay contractors whenever you want to create 1099s or generate 1099s and let freelancers update their personal information on the portal for employees.

Gusto makes it simple to recruit employees from all across the nation and pay contractors from all over the globe. The Gusto platform can now handle taxes for workers from every state. This ensures a smooth onboarding process when you bring in remote workers from anywhere in the U.S.

It also makes it easy to ensure that employees currently employed by the company, who could relocate to a different state, swiftly register with the appropriate tax and state authorities.

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The platform also accepts payments from contractors in around 80 different countries. The additions to Gusto’s service aid in facilitating the current work environment, where more workers are working remotely, and companies are employing contractors from outside for different projects.

Gusto allows you to run payroll and requires no instruction for users to become proficient in the application. To manage payroll, you must sign up and click on”Run Payroll,” then click the “Run Payroll” tab, and then provide the required details. 

After that, you can hit “Submit Payroll,” and your employees (or contractors) will be paid. Gusto’s functions can be similarly simple to use.

#4 – Rippling

7 Best Payroll Services For Small Business (2023)

Rippling’s payroll software online is user-friendly and does not require any training for beginner users. Payroll processing is simple enough to be completed in just 90 seconds, which is testimony to the various sources from which Rippling collects information.

It integrates with over 400 software applications to enhance the payroll process, including tax preparation, payroll tax, and accounting.

The dashboard is neatly organized. These are important metrics, such as hours worked by employees or paid time off and total labor costs. Direct deposits can be managed directly within Rippling and also use paper checks, whatever option your staff prefers.

Rippling automatically subtracts tax withholdings per the employee’s tax filing status. Plans start at just $8 per month for each user. However, customized quotations are offered for companies that have specific requirements.

Rippling demands all payroll clients join their employee management system that includes HR tools that address onboarding and benefits administration, promotions offboarding and time and attendance, and device management capabilities.

Rippling automatically collects the required information for tax preparation of payroll. It automatically recognizes relevant local, state, and federal forms and pulls in the relevant information to fill the forms automatically.

Then, you can file and pay your bills directly through Rippling. If your company operates in countries that are not yours, Rippling offers international payment assistance.

Additionally, you can use Rippling to monitor employee paid leave and develop a PTO-related policy to allow its accrual and usage. In Rippling, it is possible to create a PTO request automatically generated when the payroll process is completed and needs no further action from the manager who approves.

Reporting is essential in payroll software Reporting is a must in payroll software, and Rippling does this well. With simple-to-read graphs and charts such as bar graphs and donut charts, The software permits users to personalize their reports and examine almost any metric they want to review.

The ability to report data is efficient because it can be integrated with various other software platforms. Another advantage of Rippling is the connection to Carta. This integration allows employers to accurately picture an employee’s total compensation in the event of equity.

#5 – Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

7 Best Payroll Services For Small Business (2023)

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll is one of the Best Payroll Services For Small Business with flexible payroll solutions seamlessly integrating with QuickBooks. 

The service tracks and reports the payroll tax and provides various useful tools. It’s available in various plans that offer a variety of pricing and services.

In the list of companies we looked at, QuickBooks Payroll provides some of the most flexible options for payroll plans. The payroll services are divided into two categories:

Online Payroll and Desktop Payroll, both of which include QuickBooks accounting software. This offers you the chance to include more services in one package.

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While some plans concentrate exclusively on processing payroll, Others offer a wide range of human resource services that are useful for small companies that don’t have the resources to have an in-house HR department. Each plan comes with a 30-day trial for free.

These are the online payroll pricing tiers:

  • Core: This is the most affordable plan, costing $45 per month plus 4 dollars per worker. It also includes health insurance, workers’ compensation management, next-day direct deposit, and automated payroll options.
  • Premium: The Premium plan is priced at $75 per month. It also includes an additional $8/per employee. It also includes direct deposit on the same day, access to HR support, Mobile time tracking, and professional setup reviews.
  • Elite: The Elite plan is $125 per month. It also includes 10 dollars per worker. It comes with an individual installation, project tracking, and tax penalty protection of as much as $25,000. Premium plan members also get an HR specialist to provide guidance when required.

Another bonus of this Online Payroll platform is access to QuickBooks Early Pay. The service, which will be available soon, allows employees to request funds that can be used for any unexpected expenses they might face. The Early Pay feature in the QuickBooks Online Payroll system free allows employees to receive their funds instantly within two business days.

These are the pricing plans for Desktop Payroll:

  • Base: The Basic plan is designed for payroll processing only. It comes with direct deposit, printable payslips, support for employees with a W-2 and 1099, and live support for customers. The cost is $29 per month plus $2 per employee.
  • Enhanced: The Enhanced plan includes federal and state tax preparation for payroll taxes, but the responsibility of making your tax payments in time remains yours. The plan also includes printable versions of the annual tax forms for employees. It is priced at $45 for a month and costs $2 for each employee.
  • Payroll Assisted: The Assisted plan will calculate, file, and pay tax on your payroll for you. It also assures that your payroll taxes are paid on time and with accuracy. The company will create all of your employee details within its system and handle the processing and payment of all taxes on the payroll. It will pay the costs of fines or penalties resulting from the delay or error. The plan costs $109 per month. This includes the cost of $2 for each employee.

With these flexible small business payroll choices, we recommend QuickBooks Payroll as the Best Payroll Services For Small Business.

#6 – Zenefits

7 Best Payroll Services For Small Business (2023)

Zenefits provides simple and Best Payroll Services For Small Business that allows you to manage payroll in four steps. Making manual changes, for example, adding bonuses, is simple when you run payroll. 

Zenefits Payroll offers unlimited payroll processing, wage garnishment, and support directly deposited funds, tips report as well as multiple pay schedules and rates tables. It also offers 1099 contractor payments, General ledger reports, and mobile pay receipts.

Zenefits Payroll is seamlessly integrated with the various other Zenefits HR modules, such as Benefits and Time and Scheduling and HR. Zenefits Payroll works best in this context, as the integrations increase its capabilities and rely heavily on other modules’ information to manage payroll.

For instance, the connection to Zenefits Payroll and HR enables simple changes to benefits and salary. Integration with Time and Scheduling allows it to calculate pay time off automatically while making payroll.

Zenefits Payroll is an add-on to the HR software suite. It offers three price plans to choose from:

  • Essentials: This affordable plan includes essential online payroll features, starting at just $10 per employee monthly. The Essentials plan offers Core HR Time and Scheduling Integrations from third-party companies and accessibility to the mobile application.
  • Growth: Zenefits Growth plans start at $18 per employee for a month. It offers tools for performance and compensation and the Essentials plan’s options. This is an excellent option for companies that expect an expansion increase in the near future.
  • Zen: The Zen plan is priced at $27 per person per month. It comes with a wellness module and employee engagement surveys, and a “people hub,” which lets managers and employees participate in a collaborative social media digital space.

Zenefits Payroll is a feature that can be added to either of the plans listed above for $ 6 per month per employee. Unfortunately, the payroll feature cannot be purchased alone if paired with Zenefits, the larger HR platform; however, the payroll module can be a beneficial tool for growing companies.

#7 – Paycor

7 Best Payroll Services For Small Business (2023)

Paycor offers very user-friendly online payroll software, which includes an employee self-service portal that allows reviewing and updating compensation data.

Financial or personal details. Employees can also use their portals to make requests for time off paid, check their paychecks, examine their benefits, and look up their pay statements.

Paycor has three pricing plans, each of which has an annual flat rate. This is unique in the online payroll software, where most companies have a base monthly cost with a monthly per-employee cost. 

Paycor’s method could prove costly for small businesses, but it could save midsize or large enterprises a few dollars in the future as they expand.

  • Basis: The Basic plan is 99 dollars per month. It covers the processing of payroll, payroll tax filing as PDF, Access to the Paycor mobile application, employee self-service to garnish wages, and child information on child support.
  • Essential: The Essential plan costs a one-time payment of $149 per month. It is a step up from the Basic plan, including PTO Manager approvals and requests, new hire onboarding, tax filing, compliance checks, and template.
  • Complete: The Full plan starts at $199 per year. It includes advanced analytics, data benchmarking, integrations to 401(k) service providers, and the support of a dedicated account manager.

Of course, the cost could increase if you opt for extra HR services or add-on features beyond payroll.

How Does Payroll Service Work?

A payroll service, also known as payroll software, can be used by companies to calculate and manage payroll. Typically, you’ll set up an automatic relation with the software you’re using to record your employee’s work hours or manually enter the time off work every week into your payroll system.

Based on the data you’ve entered for every employee, your program will calculate the amount of tax you have to withhold and the amount paid to your workers.

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If your employees are eligible for direct deposit, the payroll service will make an account transfer from your account to theirs.

When you are done with the year, the payroll system will quickly run the W2 and 1099 forms for your employees and help you print or offer an encrypted access point to these forms for employees.

This could save you endless hours trying to design and deliver these forms to your employees before the date. Additionally, using the software you’ve employed to pay your employees for the entire year will ensure that the figures align with the amount transferred into their bank accounts.

What is the cost of payroll services?

Payroll services usually have a minimum of $20 to $100 per month, plus an additional fee for each employee (or independent contractor) ranging between $4 and $10.

Certain services might charge an additional fee per check or per pay. Still, suppose you’re thinking of pushing direct deposit for employees. In that case, you’ll need to consider the prices above, generally including regular pay cycles and, if needed, weekly pay periods.

Are Payroll Services worth the Price?

If you even have one employee, the payroll services offered are generally worth the price in the amount of time and money they can reduce for you and your business. 

If you can get knowledge of employment law, taxation, accounting, and other laws for your business, you can do it yourself; however, the cost and responsibility of not meeting deadlines or making payments incorrectly can cost your business more than an easy payroll service or software.

Some types of software provide payroll services in addition to a program you’re already purchasing, but we suggest you go with your provider. These add-ons aren’t usually equipped with all these features that make the most effective payroll services and can be priced at or near the same price or more than those listed here.

How to Choose the most effective payroll solutions for Small Business:

We looked into top payroll solutions based on the mix of features and price. To be considered a good option, all payroll providers must offer an automated method to monitor time, calculate pay and tax, direct the employee’s paycheck to their bank account, and provide tax-free end-of-year documents. 

Further, we considered user-friendliness, additional features, and customer support.

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