Hostripples Web Hosting Review | Price and Features 2024

To gain momentum in the highly competitive market, you need to build a fully functional website for your business. While earlier a business website was considered an option, you will not survive in the industry without a professional website.

However, just creating a website and then adding all the information about what you do is not sufficient. To ensure that your website is accessible to all your potential customers, you will have to integrate web hosting services into your website.

Since there are various web hosting services available, it will be challenging to find the best web hosting service provider to cater to your requirements and provide affordable pricing plans. In this article, we will talk about Hostripples web hosting review, and it will help you to understand the features that your business website needs to generate revenue:

What is Hostripples – Hostripples Web Hosting Review:

Hostripples is a web hosting company that is popular because of its reasonable pricing plans. This is because you can avail the basic plan of Hostripples for as low as $1, and therefore it will be suitable even if you just started your business.

Hostripples was founded in 2013 by SARPS Technologies LLC, and it has its corporate presence in India and the US. Today the company has established data centers across North America, Australia, Europe, India, and Singapore.

Hostripples is the first web hosting company to offer automated hosting solutions at such an economical range. Hostripples has been standing strong amidst intense competition because of its extensive features and excellent customer service.

Hostripples claims to provide 99.9% uptime and super fast speed, and we will cover more of the features in this Hostripples web hosting review. 

What are the types of web hosting plans of Hostripples?

Hostripples offers different web hosting services, including reseller hosting, shared hosting, email hosting, and dedicated hosting. To give you a better understanding of all the hosting services and help you choose the best for your website, here we have explained all the hosting services of Hostripples.

1. Linux cPanel Hosting:

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly way to host your website. You can consider this hosting plan to receive a graphic user interface loaded with excellent features. If you register for this plan, you will build your website, create tasks and automate them, and embed security features in your website.

Windows Shared Hosting

This plan will be ideal for you if you want to create and manage only one business website or blog. The major attraction of the Linux cPanel hosting is that it allows you to register a domain name for free, which you can resell to your customers.


  • The GUI is interactive but super easy to use.
  • The platform enables smooth integration of 3rd party software and applications
  • You will receive unlimited bandwidth and webspace
  • Your website will be safeguarded from malware
  • Users can create subdomains and generate emails in seconds
  • You will be able to manage your databases and accounts using the latest versions of SQL and PHP.

2. Windows Plesk Hosting:

If you want more flexibility and powerful tech features to host your website, you can go for the windows hosting equipped with the Plesk panel. The windows hosting plan of Hostripples offers services like ASP.Net framework with Plesk control, Microsoft SQL Server 2002 to help you manage all the necessary web hosting tasks with perfection.

With the help of the Windows Plesk Hosting plan, you can set up your eCommerce website or health blog and even configure your WordPress platforms.


  • You can create unlimited email accounts for your team.
  • The interactive Plesk control panel
  • The plan comes with a Malware scanner to protect your website against hackers
  • You will be able to create your domain name for free
  • The platform is secured with a firewall and DDoS protection facilities
  • The plan comes with helpful SEO tools to enhance the SEO rankings of your website

3. Linux Reselller Hosting:

This service will be ideal for hosting multiple websites or offering hosting solutions to clients without owning much technical knowledge. However, this plan will be compatible if you are already using the Linux tool or application.


  • You will get a domain name for free as per your preference
  • The plan also provides a Softaculous auto-installer which comes with more than 300 scripts and PHP classes.
  • To improve the security and performance of the hosting environment, Hostripples comes with the Cloudlinux kernel feature.

4. Business Hosting:

If you are starting an eCommerce website or any other digital store expected to receive high traffic, you can opt for this plan to ensure that your site never crashes down. It is because this particular web hosting service of Hostripples promises an uptime of 99.9%.


  • You will get unlimited bandwidth.
  • The plan comes with free SSL certificates
  • You will also receive a dedicated IP address.

5. Open VZ VPS Server:

If you want to set up VPS instantly and the website speed is your priority, then this plan is for achievers like you. The best part is you will gain ownership of your server even at such a low VPS cost. You do not have to invest in expensive hardware for availing of this plan.


  • You will receive a dedicated RAM of 1 GB and 50GB hard disk space.
  • You will receive bandwidth usage of up to 100 GB.

Pricing plans:

We will even share the prices of all the plans in our Hostripples web hosting review to end your confusion:

  • Linux cPanel Hosting-Starts from just $1/month.
  • Windows Plesk Hosting- the basic plan starts from just $2/month.
  • Linux Reseller Hosting- it is priced at only $5.99/month
  • Business Hosting- you can opt for the basic plan at just $9/month.
  • Open VZ VPS Server- To register for this, you will have to pay $11/month.

What are the hosting services which you can get from Hostripples?

Now that you have discovered the Plans of Hostripples, which you can opt for, it is time to check the services in which Hostripples has specialized in:

Shared Hosting:

If you have just started your business and have fund limitations, we will encourage you to opt for shared hosting as this is the most economical hosting plan. Shared hosting implies that you will be sharing the server space with websites of other businesses as well.


  • The SSD shared hosting services will ensure improving the disk performance and security of your site while reducing the latency.
  • If you want to avail yourself of unlimited web space even in shared hosting options, you can go for our Linux shared hosting plan and reduce the chances of downtime.
  • The windows hosting service is user-friendly and will be compatible with a range of hardware appliances.
  • If you dream of starting a WordPress blog, then we have the WordPress hosting service, which will offer you a domain name and a plethora of custom themes and plugins.
  • You can opt for our fully-managed Joomla hosting and manage your virtual store effectively with the help of highly optimized servers.
  • If you want to sell online almost instantly, you can consider our fully managed Magento hosting services.

Reseller Hosting:

If you aspire to run a web hosting company someday but you don’t own sufficient technical expertise, then we have designed our reseller hosting plans for entrepreneurs like you. So, sign up for this Hostripples plan and start earning money by providing our hosting services to your clients.


  • Hostripples offers SSD reseller hosting services with free domain name and 99.9% uptime so that your clients can be delighted with your web hosting services.
  • You can offer unlimited bandwidth and accessible data migration services to your clients if you sign up for the Linux reseller hosting plan.
  • The windows reseller web hosting plan will allow you to provide user-friendly hosting services to your clients.
  • All the reselling plans come with virus protection, so there are no chances of your clients complaining to you about data breaches.

Dedicated Hosting:

If you run a high-traffic website, we would suggest you register for the dedicated hosting of Hostripples. In a dedicated hosting service, your business website will be hosted on a dedicated server.

You will be in complete control of the server, and Hostripples will provide you with the physical server and the environment and complete technical assistance.

  • If you want to build a gaming website, then you choose from 10 hosting services of Hostripples.
  • The hosting platform is equipped with SSD, so it is environment friendly and will offer faster access to your gamers.
  • The SSD servers are highly reliable, and thus you don’t have to worry about data loss.
  • If you are losing customers because of poor server performance, you can avail yourself of the dedicated hosting plans for your business across countries like Canada, India, the USA, etc.
  • You will experience benefits like high uptime, enhanced reliability, and scalability with the dedicated server hosting services.
  • Hostripples provide super fast servers which would not deteriorate your business performance in any possible ways.

VPS Hosting:

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a form of virtualization technology where Hostripples offer you dedicated server resources. However, this type of server is also shared by multiple users, but VPS hosting is even better than shared hosting.

Windows Shared Hosting

The VPS hosting plan will be ideal for medium-traffic websites which exceed the features of a shared hosting plan and does not also demand a dedicated server.


  • If you want some dedicated servers without opting for the dedicated hosting plans, then the Xen VPS server will be ideal for you.
  • The VPS hosting plan will allow you to gain complete control over the server even if other users share the server.

Email Hosting:

With the help of Hostripples email hosting services, businesses can send and receive emails using their domain-based accounts. Although you can manage your email accounts, you need to invest in security and encryption features to protect your website from malware.


  • You can set up your email accounts instantly with Hostripples, and the platform even allows you to migrate your old emails to the new server.
  • You will have ample space, about 5Gb, to store all your emails and attachments.
  • The email filtering options will fully protect your users and infrastructure from spammers.
  • You can set up your webmail accounts in any of the 13 languages, including English and Spanish.

Why should you register for Hostripples?

Hostripples Web Hosting Review
Hostripples Web Hosting Review

With all the plans and services that we have mentioned in this Hostripples web hosting review, you must be sure why Hostripples is the best fit for your website. If you still need to be convinced a little more, here are some pros of the web hosting services:

  • Even the low-cost packages of Hostripples offer top-notched security.
  • You will get a free website builder and create a website using 600 templates without any technical knowledge.
  • You can perform email management and file management tasks to simplify and automate all your routine jobs.
  • If you want to add additional features to your website, you can make the most of the 50 scripts available on the platform of Hostripples.
  • If you are a technical expert, then you can utilize the advanced tools and create sub-domains and databases on your website.
  • You can make money by reselling the domains, and for this, you will have to register for the Hostripples domain reseller account.
  • If you are not satisfied with the web hosting services of Hostripples, you can get your money back within 30 days of registration.
  • The 24/7 customer support team will provide you software assistance and clear your queries instantly.

As you might have understood from the Hostripples web hosting review, Hostsripples offers feature-loaded plans for businesses of all sizes. Therefore if you are also looking for web hosting services without stripping your funds, register for the basic plan of Hostripples today. Follow us on – Instagram

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