Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers in 2023

Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers
Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers

Are you a professional trader in searching for perfect trading conditions? Are you interested in Forex trading and searching for the Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers to help you succeed? Do you require high connectivity, speed, and reliability?

If so, then Forex VPS hosting is the way to go.

What is Forex VPS hosting?

For this, let’s understand VPS hosting.

Hosting server service provides customers with a dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) that can be used for various activities such as Always keep running a website, playing high-end video games, or Forex trading.

You don’t need to spend your time or money fixing your computer or keeping it turned on if you use VPS hosting. The best forex VPS hosting providers enables you to use automated algorithmic methods and tactics to trade effortlessly on their selected platform and trading specialists to assist them when required.

There are several advantages to using the VPS server for the trading platform; some are listed here.

Automated trade:

A VPS hosting service allows you to automate your trade and perform your procedures properly and quickly, even if your PC goes down for maintenance. These hosting services are robust and trustworthy for automatic trading, with 24-hour availability and regular server monitoring.

Advanced connectivity:

With the ever-changing economic need, you must be related to your trade platforms and agents. Even a single minute of down-time may charge you a lot of money. On the other hand, the Best VPS hosting gives better uptime of over 99 percent and robust connectivity to provide 24/7 accessibility.


Cyberattacks can happen at any moment. The best forex VPS hosting providers protects your data with powerful technology such as firewalls, authentication, DDoS protection, and more.

Worldwide Servers:

The best Forex VPS hosting providers will provide server traders worldwide access to multiple data centers. You may select the nearest server for you and trade without worrying about latency.

Now that you’ve understated the advantages of Forex VPS hosting let’s look at some of the best Forex VPS hosting providers.

List Of The Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers

All of that, we know why you’re here. Let’s look at the Best Forex VPS Hosting services available on the market.

#1 – Forex VPS

Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers in 2023

Forex VPS has been supporting one million+ trader globally for the past ten years and is a superb platform to which you can offer your grave concerns. Their hosting is designed to provide you with an outstanding trading experience.

They know what type of servers you need to benefit from your trading activity because of their extensive expertise. This is why they promise a 100 percent uptime guarantee and ensure you are connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They never overload your servers or share your resources with anyone; as a result, you have complete control over your server and may utilize it in any way you see fit. With Forex VPS hosting, you may be trading at light speeds of up to 1 millisecond (ms).

Never worry about latency again because their hosting servers include a 1Gbps network interface. They also include an energy backup system to ensure that they remain online in a power loss. Forex VPS comes with 5 data centers worldwide, and their servers are equipped with blazing-fast SSD.

It will only take 5 minutes to set up your server so that you may start trading right away. You can use their service with other trading platforms using a standard application, and they set up their virtual private server on a remote Windows Server 2008 r2 or 2012. You can also use Firefox or Chrome to browse the internet, check email, and download many apps.

Their basic plans start at $29.99 a month and include 2GB RAM, 60GB SSD, 1 CPU, and auto MT4/MT5 start-up, among other things. They take payment via bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and PayPal, Skrill, and credit/debit cards.

#2 – FXVM

Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers in 2023

FXVM’s high-performance, simple-to-use, secure Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers can help you take your trading experience to the next level. Their control panel is straightforward and accessible through your browser, allowing you to restart, reboot, or upgrade resources.

They know that you don’t want interruptions during a critical operation like trading. Thus they never share your server resources with anyone, keeping you close to your brokers and executing trades at full speeds.

FXVM ensures that you have as little latency as possible, allowing for speedier execution and increasing your order’s chances of being completed sooner for the same price. They support various trading systems, including MT4, TradeStation, NinjaTrader, etc.

Because their services are planned to provide spectacular trading results, they have picked known worldwide providers for their global data center infrastructure and connectivity. Their eight data centers are located in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

They protect all of your data and keep it confidential from you. Furthermore, you may access it from any PC or smartphone to check the progress and stay up to date. 

You may also use RDP software to connect to your FXVM VPS for more secure and faster access. They guarantee 100 percent uptime and provide complete monitoring and high redundancy solutions to assist you at all times.

FXVM plan starts at $19/month for 1 CPU, 1.5GB RAM, automatic backups, 40GB SSD, Windows Server 2012, and a dedicated IP address.

#3 – V2 Cloud

Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers in 2023

V2 Cloud is a powerful cloud hosting platform aimed at more advanced customers.

With this best VPS trading platform, competitors, company owners, forex brokers, and IT administrators can practically offer web-based PCs to students, workers, or customers in under 20 minutes. All without the hassle of long-term commitments or arduous hours spent memorizing technical stuff.

These Forex trading systems are appropriate for any large or small business. This fully integrated forex VPS service is one of the most potent lists, with 25,000 subscribers.

There are six basic price options and six business plans for Team Cloud PCs.

The Founder option under the basic plan is the lowest, costing $40 a month and accommodating one person.

The Enterprise plan, which can support 64 people, is the most costly option. API access, multi-region VDI pools with load balancers, bespoke active-active DR solutions, and other multi-region capabilities are available for $1120 per month.

#4 – VPS Server

Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers in 2023

VPS Server is a powerful and one of the Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers available online. It has the world’s quickest I/O performance, allowing you to start trading as little as a moment’s notice.

It also has a native, self-hosted, three-way SSD NVMes up to five times quicker than regular industry-grade SSD hosting. The security is also excellent, with anti-virus and DDoS protections in place and appropriately safe data in this cloud-based Forex VPS Hosting company.

VPS Server also supports over 100 different operating systems, including Arch Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS, continually updated and increased by the active VPServer community. With over 15 locations worldwide, this VPS Server makes Forex trading easier.

At $19.99 per month, the most popular Standard plan includes 4 GB of RAM, a 3-Core processor, 100 GB of storage space, and a transfer limit of 4 TB.

The best CPU-optimized Forex VPS hosting package costs $2239.99 and includes 192 GB of memory, 32 processing cores, 4800 GB of disk space, and 12 TB of data throughput.

In case you require more? The top package, priced at $1,379.99 per month, has 384 GB of memory, 32-core CPUs, 4,800 storage space, and a data transfer and migration allowance of 12 TB.

We hope this article helped you to find the Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers. You may also want to check out our guide on the Best Web Hosting Providers.