Elon Musk plans to vote Republican and warns of political attacks on him

The Tesla CEO expressed discontent with Democrats amid speculation he is seeking to back out of his Twitter deal

Elon Musk said on Twitter that he plans to vote Republican and warned of “political attacks” on him

Recent tweets from the billionaire Elon Musk expressed discontent with Democrats and progressives

Musk’s tweet comes as the Tesla CEO shocked markets this week by announcing his $44bn deal to purchase Twitter was on hold

Analysts have speculated the Tesla executive is aiming to back out of his Twitter takeover plans or purchase the company at a lower price

The Tesla CEO has also long faced scrutiny from federal regulators

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Securities and Exchange Commission is reportedly investigating Musk for not reporting his 5% stake in Twitter soon enough

Musk has claimed that Twitter has a “very far-left” bias and that he plans to get the balance to the platform

The billionaire’s tweets have rocked Twitter’s share price and fueled speculation about his motivations