Consumers Energy To Invest $100 Million To Improve Power Grid.

Consumers Energy has announced plans to invest $100 million in modifications to lessen the incidence and length of power outages as extreme weather events become more common

The energy provider will make considerable changes to its high voltage distribution (HVD) system to improve the power grid's reliability for electric consumers

The investment in 2022 reflects a continuous emphasis on expanding investment in the HVD system, which is referred to as the "backbone of the electricity grid

HVD lines will receive a substantial portion of the projected investment in the HVD system in 2022, and upgrades will affect nearly 130,000 consumers across the state

According to Consumers Energy Spokesman Josh Paciorek, it is not lost on them that power outages are frustrating

Mr. Josh Paciorek says their number one job is to keep the lights on for folks, and when those lights don't come on, they're frustrated

THIS YEAR, the HVD modifications are stated to be part of Consumers Electricity's broader efforts to develop a more stable and resilient energy system via its five-year, $5.4 billion Electric Reliability Plan

This strategy is regarded as a framework for serving Michigan now while also innovating to address the challenges of the next decades

The Consumers Energy company adds that expenditures such as tree pruning, pole and wire replacement, and modernizing substations and vital equipment are high priorities

Consumers Energy intends to cut the average time customers are without power by roughly 15% from 2020 to 2025 through the reliability plan