Can Apple Sell 200 Million iPhone 14s?

September would be the month when new Apple iPhone models get introduced

In the first year after it becomes available, Apple will need to sell 200 million of them for it to be a success

Apple had sold 40 million iPhone 13 handsets over the holiday season

If Apple wants to reach the 200 million iPhone 14 unit sales mark this Christmas season, it will need to be just as successful as last year.

In Apple's most recent quarter, revenue rose slightly yearly to $83 billion

Out of $83 billion, $63 billion was product sales only

Apple does not break out iPhone numbers

However, iPhone sales make up most of this product sales figure based on the period when it did

Apple iPhone sales are more essential than any other foundation of Apple's revenue

The success of the iPhone is still reliant as much on Apple's brand as it is on product advances from one iteration of the smartphone to the next

This is the crucial reason for its sales being so far ahead of second-placed Samsung and the other smartphone manufacturers with a meaningful worldwide market share