Bill Gates Explains Why Crypto Has No Value

Internet users frequently react to Bill Gates' words, and there is little question that his most recent Reddit publication on May 19 will not delight everyone 

When it comes to cryptocurrency, Microsoft's co-founder did not hold back

Bill Gates says I prefer to invest in things that have worth

The worth of a company is determined by how successfully it produces exceptional items

The value of cryptocurrency is determined by how much one individual is willing to pay for it

This is not the first time Bill Gates has raised reservations about cryptos

Finally, Bill Gates' final objection to cryptocurrencies stems from the fact that they have a negative effect on the environment

It is worth noting that Bill Gates is not the only one who has harshly criticised cryptocurrencies

Now the question is, is Cryptos safe for investment?

The answer is that Cryptos is not safe, and it's a high risk to invest