Leah Marlene, a local artist, was booted from the season finals of 'American Idol

ABC Heart of Illinois Local musician Leah Marlene was knocked off 'American Idol' in the first round of the Season 20 finals

The long journey of the Town of Normal native to the final episode has garnered tremendous support both locally and globally

The first round of performances featured songs from Bruce Springsteen's songbook

The first artist was Leah, who sang her rendition of "Cover Me" from Bruce Springsteen's 1984 album Born in the USA

The finalists' visits to their hometowns were emphasised to kick off the second round

Marlene was the first for this round once again, presenting a montage depicting her return to the Town of Normal on Tuesday

It began with her visiting Parkside Junior High and Normal West High Schools, where she was greeted in the hallways by friends

As she sang with the school choir and reunited with old instructors, she was spotted with festive yellow decorations adorning the walls

She then visited her family, joining them for dinner before her performance downtown later that evening

The montage ended with her arriving downtown in a private escort and her live performance in front of tens of thousands of people